We have officially joined Enjin Spark and are excited to share more information about our upcoming titles, Pathfinders and CoA, along with our very own multiverse.

We are very happy to announce that InFocus Games has officially been accepted into the Enjin family as a member of their Spark program!

In this blog, we will summarise the two games we have in development, one of which will be playable as early as December 2019.

Without further ado, we’d like to introduce you to Pathfinders, Clash of the Aces, and our very own cross.

Pathfinders: Sci-Fi, Top-Down Shooter MMO

Where do I start?

Imagine an endless universe for players to explore and discover.

Planets you find are yours to build on.

Construct, expand, and defend your base, then manufacture resources for yourself and your alliance.

Pathfinders’ initial gaming mode is exploration, which will allow you to discover alternative gaming modes as you progress.

You can travel to different worlds with your spaceship and fight for ENJ-backed loot including weapons, skins, characters, and resources.

The rarity of Pathfinders weapons, characters, and skins ranges from Common and Rare to Legendary and Exotic.

Players will be able to upgrade their items, exchange multiple items for higher tier loot boxes, and enchant them to increase their effectiveness.

Pathfinders will be playable on PC as a direct download and eventually will be released for Android and iOS.

The Pathfinders pre-sale goes live today (December 3) on the Enjin Marketplace ONLY, so stock up on your ENJ guys and girls!

Season 1 early access for PFT holders (more on this below!) and early supporters is planned for this December to early January, with free-to-play coming into effect from mid-January 2020 onwards.

Pathfinders Founders Token (PFT)

From the very beginning, we planned on creating one of the most powerful Founders Tokens in the Enjin community.

The benefits for someone holding a PFT is going to be truly amazing, and we wanted to share the list with you:

  • NOTE: Unless specified, all listed benefits below are NON-stackable.
  • 50% in-game drop boost on loot
  • Monthly airdrop (stackable)
  • 10% EXP boost in account levelling, character levelling and enchant chance
  • Small stat boost for every character you own (this will be tweaked so it doesn’t imbalance the game too much)
  • Ability to loan your single or multiple PFTs to other players for a fee (future implementation)
  • Small boost given to your ‘Clash Of The Aces’ account (currently in discussion)
  • 4 limited edition character skins.
  • Total PFT supply of 530–500 available will be available in the ENJIN Marketplace and 30 will be used for future promotions and giveaways
  • 10% discount on all future Pathfinders sales (up to a maximum of $50 savings per month)

Please note that this future benefit is dependent on the ability to integrate discount codes or similar for wallets that hold PFTs on the ENJIN marketplace.

This is still subject to change, although we don’t expect the benefits to differ too far from what is described above.

Clash of the Aces

The inspiration and creation behind Clash of the Aces (CoA) came from a mixture of Destiny, APEX Legends, and Overwatch.

Our vision for this game was to create a first-person shooter which focused heavily on PvP and e-sports, but also provide PvE aspects such as missions, a story, planets to explore, and much more.

The game mechanics of CoA are similar to Pathfinders in that items have Common, Rare, Legendary, and Exotic rarity and that EverVerse items can be used across both games.

The CoA PvP game modes currently under development are:

  • 1v1
  • 3v3: Capture the Flag, ClashTeam, Deathmatch
  • 8v8: Onslaught (with vehicles), ClashTeam, Deathmatch
  • Battle Royale: 16, 40 & 80 players

Weekly and monthly tournaments are planned with rewards for the highest-ranking players.

CoA has a planned alpha release date of January 2020, with early access for CFT holders/supporters.

We are also planning a similar Founders Token for CoA, which will have similar benefits as PFTs.

More on these tokens will be revealed as we progress!

Why Enjin?

Several reasons, in fact!

The concept of the Enjin Multiverse inspired me to start a project known as the EverVerse, which shares the same traits as the Multiverse (more below!).

What intrigued me the most was that a player obtaining one blockchain-based asset from one game could then use it across a multitude of other games, regardless of platform or genre.

The second reason is that we believe all gamers around the world should be rewarded for their time playing a game.

We want our games to be compelling and fun, while also allowing players to have complete ownership of the items they have earned.

Last but not least is the amazing spirit within the Enjin community, the team’s incredible roadmap, and the astounding progress they have made so far.

In fact, Enjin’s Unity SDK is so easy to use that it enabled us to integrate blockchain into our game in a matter of hours!

We are overwhelmingly excited to share this journey with them and bring blockchain gaming to the world!

The EverVerse

EverVerse shares the same concept as Enjin’s Multiverse or AlterVerse’s multi-world gaming platform.

All games produced by us will be linked by a special group of blockchain assets (EverVerse items).

The main method of acquiring these items is in the EverVerse Gargantua (AKA the Shadow World).

This place will be available in ALL current and future InFocus Games and the rewards for completing each trial will reward you various loot including EverVerse items.

All future InFocus titles will make use of EverVerse items in one way or another, so you can be certain these items will be very valuable!

Connect with Us

Thank you for being a part of this journey. We’d love to tell you more, so stop by our Telegram channel and say hi =)

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