How To Redeem your earnings from your Dissolution Card

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You’ve probably seen and scanned the 2 QR codes on the card you earned from playing, one of which took to you this site, and the other being a random string of letters and numbers. That string is what is known in blockchain as a private key. This key is not completely secure as it has been exposed during the production of your payment card. We highly advise against using this private key for long-term storage and we will not be responsible for any losses that are incurred through this wallet.

Please exercise care and caution when handling your coins or any cryptocurrency.

Now that we’ve got all the scary warnings out of the way, you will find that using Ethereum is actually a very simple process:

First, you’ll want to head over to myetherwallet.com and click on “Access My Wallet”.

Then, select the software option out of the 4 options:

Select the Private Key option:

Scan the QR code to obtain your temporary private key and wallet with the Dissolution tokens within. Enter them in the requested field.

Once you are in, you should see your DIS token balance here:

There should be just enough Ether in the wallet to support 1 transaction in current gas prices. We recommend that you keep the tokens in the current wallet until they are fully integrated with the game itself.

To send the tokens, simply input the target wallet address in the address field and press send

If you don’t see DIS in the Tokens section, navigate to the “Tokens” section and select “+Custom Tokens”

Here you will be prompted to input 3 things:

Token Contract Address: 0x535BFC6883442F2Ebe26171C2716CB25B623792C

Token Symbol: DIS

Decimals: 0

You can also view the token contract on Etherscan.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at info@dissolution.online


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