The leveling track will be available for both free and premium paths of the winter event.

The free track will contain useful rewards like potions, paw coins, regular lootboxes, and other prizes, while the premium track will open access to all the exclusive season rewards.

But how easy will it be to move along the track? Is there a risk that, after buying the season pass, you will not be able to get everything?

Yes, there is.

You will need to grind a bit to get the most out of the event. We’re aiming for the prizes to have a high value in the game’s market, and making some of the rewards harder to get will help the assets retain their value.

In the winter event, there will be two types of activities — high-value and low-value. High-value activities will give you a lot of level points, while low-value ones will grant very few.

The catch is that high-value activities require more strategic thinking and sometimes have limits on participation.

You will need about a thousand points to advance a level and there are about a hundred levels in the event.

Here are the activities that will contribute the smallest amount of level points:

  • Sending a Cutie on a regular adventure — 1 point
  • Sending a Cutie against a regular raid boss — 5 points

Here are the activities that will contribute the greatest amount of level points:

  • Raiding season’s boss — 50 points
  • Sending a Cutie on the season’s adventure — 25 points
  • Completing season adventure’s challenges — once completed everyone gets a level up

To up the event’s level, you will need to gather about a thousand points. You will need to use a combination of all the possible activities to get there easily.

It would take a huge army to reach this goal if you focus only on low-value activities. For example, you will need to send about a thousand Cutie adventurers to non-season locations, to get the number of points you need to advance one level.

Getting your level only by raiding regular bosses will also take a small army of fighters and a lot of raid energy. Raiding attempt gives you five times the points you would get in a regular adventure.

If you focus on a combination of raiding regular bosses and regular adventures and ignore all the rest, you will need to be in our top 30 players to get all the rewards, given an active gaming schedule.

But there’s a smarter way. It requires participating in the event’s unique activities, strategy, and teamwork.

Participating in the season’s raid will give you 10 times more points than participating in the regular raids. In terms of season’s adventure, the multiplier is even higher as compared to the regular one. Even a small army can bring you a significant amount of points, especially if your Cuties win.

However, the most lucrative thing you can do is to participate in the season adventure’s challenges. All victories in the season’s adventure count towards the common goal. And when the community reaches this goal, everyone advances one level. The first milestone is only 410 victories.

Hope this helps you to plan for the winter event.