Raid boss is available only for players who bought the premium season pass.

All Cuties from LVL 1 to 10 can join the fight.

Each Cutie gets one fight with the boss per raid cycle.

Same as other raid bosses, season II raid boss requires you to have some energy to attempt the raid.

Season II raid boss will have a separate energy pool from other bosses in the game. This means that you will be able to fight regular bosses and the season’s boss at the same time using different kinds of raid energy.

You will get 5 winter raid energy points at the start. Whenever 1 point is used, it will be regenerated in 2 hours.

You can get additional energy points by using Christmas Raid Energy Potion.

You can raise the winter raid point limit with the Garnet Of Fiery Caste.

All the players who participate in the raid are ranked according to the damage their Cuties have dealt to the raid boss.

Damage dealt is calculated by summing up all battle round scores for each side and getting the difference. The difference is square rooted and multiplied by 0.8.

If the difference is negative, but the battle has been won — minimum damage of 1 is counted.

Formula: Damage Done = 0.8 * (RAID SCORE SUM — PLAYER SCORE SUM) ^ 0.5

A battle phase where any side ‘misses’ is counted as zero for the missing side. Critical hits are counted as dice roll ‘20’ plus all the bonuses.

Maximizing the damage of your Cuties to the Frost King is all about dressing them up accordingly.

Items from the winter event will give your Cuties significant bonuses against the Frost King. Snowy buff is added to your Cutie’s power when fighting the boss. This will give it an extra edge in battle.

All the players who participate in the raid are ranked and divided into brackets according to their rank.

80% of the players will get a reward for participating. The higher is the player’s damage, the better the prizes they may get.

All of the prizes, except for the snowflakes are non-personal items. They are freely tradable on the items market.

There are two categories of prizes.

Special rewards

Special rewards are given out to one player out of the bracket. It is randomly assigned.

However, if you are in the top bracket and did not get one, you still have a chance to get drafted in all of the lower bracket’s special reward drafts. If a player doesn’t get picked they get a Guaranteed Reward.

The 1st place player always gets the special reward listed in the rewards section of the page.

Guaranteed Rewards

Guaranteed Rewards are given out to 80% of the players who participated in the raid and did not receive a special reward, according to their bracket.

If a player receives a special reward they do not get the guaranteed reward.

Frost King will only respawn after he has been defeated. But there is a minimal time set for the Raid Boss to respawn.

This makes the Raid Boss spawn at a specific time after it’s defeated. If he is defeated within 5 minutes after it spawns, players will have to wait for the next one for 23hrs 55min, but if they defeat the boss within 23 hrs, the next one will spawn in an hour.

The dynamic counter shows how much time will be needed to spawn a new one.

Each new raid boss is respawned with different characteristics depending on the speed and damage it received in the previous cycle.

Good luck with the fight, Cutieneers!