A new campaign for all the existing players is launched by MyCryptoHeroes to create an environment ideal for newbies. Shortly after the Tezuka Collaboration MCH aims to properly guide the English players to the fascinating deep gameplay through the community.

MyCryptoHeroes (MCH) is indeed a complicated game, it needs time to get started with all the gameplay elements that affect a battle, but once you get it, everything is straightforward.

There are multiple MCH tutorials for beginners out there, and now, Double Jump want’s the community to have their say and create more!

Contest Details

Write an article (or more) to help new users and post it in the Discord campaign channel.

Some examples might be: What is MCH? Investment guide for beginners, Team compositions, Items guide, Free to play Guide, FAQ, and more.


  • Use the English language.
  • Post in Medium or personal blog. (For our community members, we can host your article on egamers if you don’t have a blog, reach out to George.)
  • Focus on new players and only.


  1. Epic Hero: Taira no Masakado x 2(!!)
  2. Rare Hero: Mary Read
  3. Rare Hero: Goemon Ishikawa
  4. Uncommon Hero: Salome
  5. Uncommon Hero: Wright Brothers
  6. Lucky draw(2x): Elite Sensu, Elite Goblet

The MCH community will choose the winners by voting using 👍 in Discord.

The competition ends on 31/1/2020.

What is MyCryptoHeroes?

MCH is an RPG blockchain game powered by the Ethereum network. With Japanese style pixel art and incredibly deep gameplay, it has managed to create an overwhelming community and become a top name in the blockchain gaming space. Early adopters saw a huge return from their assets and the trend continues with more and more players joining every day. MyCryptoHeroes is considered the world’s most favorite Ethereum game and the development team is doing great work.

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