HODL in California — Meet us at GDC, play Bitcoin Hodler and enter the Multiverse of Blockchain Gaming

We are very proud to announce that Bitcoin Hodler is attending the upcoming Game Developers Conference — GDC on March 2019 in San Francisco (CA). Liberally hosted by the Enjin team, we feel deeply honored to share a booth and this amazing experience with great people from exciting game projects, such as 9Lives Arena, Age of Rust, Alterverse, Cats in Mechs and ReBounce.

Our mission

For the first time ever, we will band together to collectively demonstrate the power of the Blockchain Multiverse and the Enjin ecosystem by having game items being used across multiple realms. Combining our forces, we aim to significantly raise the awareness for this exciting environment and the Blockchain’s irreversible impact on the gaming community.

Join us and discover a world where you can find, own, trade or just hodl your hard-earned game assets for instant or later use in future games.

Bitcoin Hodler is an arcade-style adventure featuring blockchain-based assets and rewards, as well as a real-world 24-hour coinprice tracking gameplay mechanic. A platform where you can playfully discover the unpredictable crypto space and learn about exciting blockchain projects while sitting in the front seat of the emotional roller coaster of the crypto markets.


Exclusive GDC Giveaway & Retweet Challange

Being selected by Enjin as one of the Early Adopters (EAs) to represent this amazing ecosystem is a great privilege. We are thrilled to join this event and therefore would like to celebrate this unique opportunity with an exclusive GDC QR-Giveaway including special Bitcoin Hodler and Multiverse items for our GDC visitors. Therefore we gladly invite you to meet us at the Enjin booth and claim one of these limited assets.

Exclusive GDC-QR-Giveaway

And for all the Hodlers who won’t make it to GDC?

Ofcourse, we have a special prize for you:

Help us spreading these news by retweeting this post and get the chance to claim one out of 3 rare “RoadStar” spacecrafts boosting your moon mode. We will randomly pick three winners among the first 99 retweets and share the good news on our social media channels!

Spread the news and win a “RoadStar” spacecraft

There will be Enjin-backed Hodlers, Items and Spacecrafts in Bitcoin Hodler which you can use to unlock and upgrade your skillset. Check out the following sneak peek for more details on the GDC items

Bitcoin Hodler Blockchain Items

Showcasing the Multiverse & Blockchain integration

With a huge support from our community, we are already in a closed Beta testing stage and now pushing for the Blockchain integration phase, where you can find and access Enj-backed Blockchain assets with real ingame utility in Bitcoin Hodler. At GDC — and for the first time ever — you can experience ingame interaction with multiverse items and Bitcoin Hodler game assets.

Multiverse “Stormwall” and “Mike”

Multiverse Mike and Stormwall entering the Crypto World of Bitcoin Hodler

Stormwall — a wellknown Enjin Multiverse Item — was given the honorable role of being one of the very first Blockchain Items to showcase the Multiverse by all 6 games. After fending off dangerous cat claws and heavy swords, this mighty shield finally arrives in Bitcoin Hodler, protecting Hodlers from nasty taxation. We are also very glad to announce that Multiverse “Mike” is going to have his debut at GDC, being our Hodler of choice to showcase the blockchain and multiverse integration into Bitcoin Hodler.

Booth Challange — Play and find special Blockchain items

Now visit us at the Enjin booth and get your hands on the future of blockchain gaming. We won’t let you go without having a first person experience of this incredible environment and a special blockchain souvenir for you to hodl in your Enjin Wallet. Play Bitcoin Hodler and master our Booth Challange to find the golden Crypto Piggie bank with your special gift.

Hodl to catch the Golden Crypto Piggie with Bitcoin Hodler Blockchain assets

Where to find us?

Come over to Booth S563, say hi, get your hands on exciting blockchain games, meet the Enjin team and all the other EAs . We will present Bitcoin Hodler on March 21 and 22 alongside Age of Rust, Alterverse, 9Lives Arena Cats in Mechs and ReBounce.

Find us at GDC, Enjin Booth S563

Join our Telegram community and stay tuned for further announcements, events and spontaneous item giveaways.

Telegram: t.me/Bitcoin_Hodler
Website: https://www.bitcoin-hodler.info
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BitcoinHodlers

Happy to meet you in San Francisco


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