2020 brings in a new year and new decade, and we hope the start has been a fun and safe time for everyone that reads this. 2019 has been a blast and a great time for a variety of blockchain gaming projects spreading the web of a new multiverse via blockchain gaming.

There’s been a huge amount of innovation happening everywhere on all levels. We saw Enjin come good on their many innovative promises, such as continuing the development of their world class wallet, Marketplace and blockchain explorer – EnjinX. Also the new Ethereum standard and vision of Witek Radomski (Enjin CTO) was accepted – ERC-1155.

Due to ERC-1155’s overall advancement on how developers can utilise Fungible and Non-Fungible Tokens to create the blockchain gaming assets they need, this standard is only getting stronger. More and more projects, some in the calibre of Microsoft, Samsung, and Binance, are utilising Enjin tools to make full use of the new Ethereum protocol.

Not only that, Enjin are providing solid support for their ever expanding blockchain games list, joining its multiverse via their Spark program. Quality games such as Forgotten Artifacts, Dissolution, Containment Corps, and Forest Knight are now out and playable, with many more to be released in the near future, such as the beautiful dystopian Sci-Fi Age of Rust, or a skull cracking PvP in 9Lives Arena. The future for blockchain gaming looks great! Not just with Enjin either, but also the many other platforms doing what they can to enhance the overall blockchain gaming scene.

With plenty of games coming out on a variety of platforms we feel – 2020 is the year of playing.

Also we can’t forget the community involvement! Having created an array of community driven playable multiverse items, MvB – Enjin’s first gaming guild has demonstrated how a group of passionate gamers can interact with their favourite devs and be more than just players of a game.

From what we can see, a huge amount of enthusiasts have accepted the challenge of helping blockchain gaming adoption, no matter the direction, and are pulling up their sleeves to see what can be achieved with the platforms that teams like Enjin, have spiritedly delivered.

Even our own Multiverse101 team have over the last year been doing their best in spreading the ideas of adoption in various ways. George and Kostas are continually keeping everyone up to date on the current news via the established blockchain gaming portal – eGamers. Meltoid shared a multitude of stories from the Enjin community and developers through his ongoing Meltelbrot series. Teezy setup Token Oasis – a trusted place to trade whilst Enjin Marketplace was being refined, and is continuing to improve what he started, as any good developer can’t help but do 🙂 And of course as many would have seen, Zero1 has been an avid supporter of a vast array of projects, always pitching in where he can. Like many of us, we all like to buidl!

No matter the project or person, as we all have our opinions and favourites, we are ALL about Blockchain Gaming and its benefits for a better gaming future. We are all gamers at heart in this space. Not everyone is professional, not everyone is playing every day, or even still play regularly, but the one thing that’s a definite, we’ve all loved computer games and love what the new blockchain gaming multiverse can create.


By creating Multiverse101.com we wanted to provide an overall knowledge base, a place where newcomers can learn about our great space. It came about as a desire to see something not fall away, and to continue making it easier for fans, like us, to find out what’s happening easily in the blockchain gaming multiverse. We can safely say, we are dedicated to working hard, and doing our best to help promote and solidify blockchain gaming as the new way to play. This sharing of knowledge underlines what we are about. With so many great projects and innovative creatives pioneering this space, it’s an honour to share the stories and others hard work. We hope to keep the movement and momentum rolling into the next decade.

With this mind, we at Multiverse101 promise the following for 2020, and since the promises of others have been upheld, we expect you to keep us accountable on ours 😉

This year we promise to:

  • Listen to you, and refine the website.
  • Continue discussions with other projects to collaborate and help share the idea of blockchain gaming adoption and fun throughout our social channels.
  • New functional tokens will be minted.
  • MV101 Founder token holders will receive airdrops, and we can announce our first one will be a Zard Dragon playable in Forgotten Artifacts, and provided courtesy of the Reewardio platform. Once we receive Zard we will advise a date of drop, but finally and perhaps what we are most excited about….
  • Launch a ‘World Class’ professionally produced documentary on the blockchain gaming multiverse space.

That’s right, as we alluded to in the title, we think the most exciting project we have embarked on is a documentary on the current blockchain gaming scene. Last year we were approached by a professional videographer and gaming enthusiast interested in documenting the space. We have since then sourced other experts to help us guide this project to be a documentary worthy of the community.

With the help of others and members of our team, we will be dedicating the first half of this year to produce something to help record our times. It will be a snapshot on the space, and detail the thoughts and visions of those who are championing the movement. Which is pretty much everyone who is reading this;) So stay tuned in the Multiverse Movement, we will announce more about the documentary, and how you can get involved as we progress. But to get things rolling we’d love to know – what three words sum up the multiverse for you? Post them at Multiverse Movement or Multiverse_101 Twitter.

See you there 🙂

Happy New Year and Decade – We hope it’s a safe, fun and prosperous time for you all, and 2020 is looking more and more likely to be the year of clear vision! ENJoy.

Multiverse101 Crew.