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July 1 | The Fallen Tablets even is live!

“3 Fallen Tablets to activate, each granting access to a secret treasure room! Find out who has the tablets and work together to discover some amazing treasure!”

Read all about the event here.

June 30 | New event teaser — “Fallen Tablets”

More info about this event will be revealed tomorrow in FA’s Telegram.

June 30 | The Gecko is coming to Forgotten Artifacts!

@geckomultiverse (Telegram name) is a beloved member of the community, and his avatar is now going to be playable in Forgotten Artifacts! How cool is that?!

June 26 | MAC Support & Minor Tweaks

Patch 36 opens up the dungeons to Mac users and brings a few camera features as well as other improvements.

Read the patch notes here.

June 25 | Patch 35 — New items & lots of changes

Increased base attack, change to melee attack, Arlatan, Golden Evanbrook Egg, & Legion’s Fall added to the game, and so much more!

See the full notes here.

JUne 23 | in-game footage of Multiverse Items

Thanks to Gecko Multiverse for providing these awesome videos of the Oindrasdain & Epochrome Sword Multiverse items in action!

June 22 | Patch 32 is live!

You can now use the Epochrome Sword and Oindrasdain in Forgotten Artifacts!

Read the full patch notes here.


What’s better than goats? Void goats!
Owners of the Forgotten Artifacts
Founder’s Token can now use this pet ingame!

See the animated goat here and the patch notes here.

June 19 | Patch 29 is now live!

Several bug fixes and tweaks applied to the game, including adjustments to the mini-map and new end-dungeon boss mechanics. Monster stats adjusted and weapon damage on bows reduced.

See the full update here.

June 18 | Patch 28 is now live!

If it’s not available or seems slow, try downloading the full 26 and installing that as the way it does checks for patches has been upgraded and should find it faster than before.

See the full update here.

JUNE 17 | SERVER MAINTENANCE Taking Longer Than Expected due to gas price increase.

“You shouldn’t need to manually update, just launching the game using the launcher will patch it. But the patch isn’t available yet while I finish maintenance.”

Follow the status here.


Dungeoneering can be scary at times. Grab a cute Hot Pink Chicken or a quacky Mustard Duck to accompany you on your journeys into the deep!

See all new pets here.

About Forgotten Artifacts

Forgotten Artifacts is a simplistic, hardcore action RPG with endless dungeons of increasing difficulty to beat.

Hack and slash your way through the dungeons on your quest for loot. Each chest you stumble across is a chance at discovering some of the rarest artifacts in the universe — but only by making it to the exit will you be able to claim them for yourself.

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