Well here we are! Now in April & what a fantastic month March has been. To summarise we have now concluded the Presale, sold over 2500 chests total which is absolutely amazing! We have been busy behind the scenes designing new artwork, new soundtracks & developing the game as fast as possible so we can get it out to you guys, our supporters!

Winter Sale Update

First things first! The Presale. We just want to thank everybody who has supported us throughout the Presale, whether that’s somebody buying 1 chest, 3 chests or a staggering 176 chests like top place! (Wow!). Also thanks to some community members who really got behind our Presale and helped with running incentives & competition's to try and push the chest sales, I can truly our community is absolutely first class. The positivity around the community is second to none.

So the Final top 10. This is still mind-blowing for me to see! Below is the Top 10 supporter chart for the end of the Pre-Sale. Everybody will be contacted who is part of the top 10 and rewards sent out in due course.

An additional little thanks, as you can see above we have included the 11th to 15th positions. We have decided that the 5 runner ups from the top 10 will all receive a few items for their support! Each of the 5 will receive 1x Moonshine, 1x Ancient Claymore, 1x Ebon Axe!

Ancient Claymore , Ebon Axe , Moonshine

Development Update

After wrapping up the Winter Sale and sending all remaining Items, including the Milestones and Rewards, we are going to go full charge at development. We are planning an early Access launch in Q2 with the Blockchain integration to let you guys see your items come to life as soon as possible.

Paladin Hero with Santa Shield

We also are working with talented componists for high quality Music and sounds for the game. Forest Knight’s official Soundtrack is ready and we can’t wait to let you guys listen to it.

Forest Knight on Events

Forest Knight will also be making an appearance next week at Reboot Develop 2019 in Croatia! A Boutique game developers conference based in the legendary historical seaside city of Dubrovnik, also known as “real world King’s Landing” from HBO TV series Game of Thrones.

In 2019 in the sixth edition the conference is set to grow again and go again level higher then previous iteration, reconfirming it’s position as the most unique, premier and high-end games industry and game developers event in Europe and one of the biggest worldwide. It will have more then 125+ speakers during 3 days at 9 tracks with the truly big B2B expo and indie expo areas.

Keep an eye on our Instagram for nice impressions from Croatia soon. So go follow us to not miss it!

Once again thank you so much all for the support in our journey to bring Forest Knight to masses and create adoption.

The future is bright for Forest Knight! Stay Tuned!

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