Hello Knight! Today we want to talk about some updates regarding Forest Knight Winter Sale, partnership with Kriptomat and more. Let’s jump into it!

Kriptomat X Forest Knight

We are proud to announce a partnership with Kriptomat , one of the major Crypto exchange markets. The Kriptomat Multiverse Founder Token is going to be useable in Forest Knight for all owners.But this is not all! I am proud to officially announce that Forest Knight MFT holders are going to have benefits on their platform too. So hold on to your Forest Knight MFT tight and if you have non yet, join our Telegram Channel and have a chance to win one!

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Top 10 Supporter Programm

So we wanted to reward our top 10 supporters! & have decided to do so in numerous ways. Let’s start with the current top 10 rankings. So below is a graph of the Current top 10 supporters and chests numbers purchased, this will be updated weekly with new purchasers until the end of the presale at which point we will announce the final top 10 supporters.

All the top 10 supporters will get the same rewards, no matter if you are number 1 or number 10. But before we get on to what the rewards for the top 10 are, we’d also like to reward all our supporters…..

So we have decided to move the milestone, of the Shard Sword, which will also be usable in the Cats in Mechs game as well as Forest knight from the 3000 chest sold mark, all the way forward to the 750 chest mark! That means when we get to 750 chests sold, everybody who has purchased at least 1 chest, will get the Shard sword in FK, CiM & every milestone reward previous to these. Get your Chest here now!

GetShard sword waiting to get UNLOCKED
Cats in Mechs Shard Mech-Sword

Now onto the Top 10 supporter rewards.

The Badge of Honour

The honour badge is the Reward all of the top 10 supporters will receive. This will be a minted token, backed by 1000 Enjin each! Each badge will be tradable, and will grant the user with an ongoing perk. Whoever holds the honour badge, will receive 50% faster energy refresh rates in game. This will effect the every day game play of the game, the speed you can do quests, complete tasks etc. Giving people who hold this badge a ongoing reward for as long as they wish to keep it that’s usable in game!

On top of this, each of the top 10 supporters will get some extra Rewards that will be special to them. Each of the top 10 will get a special in game border, a special in game title….. And last but not least each of the top 10 will have something in game named after them! That will stay in the game forever, for everybody who ever plays the game to see…Maybe an item, maybe a place or maybe even a section of the game where there will be 10 statues with each individual supporters details on them similar to the below…This will be discussed with the final top 10 winners.

An idea behind the Forest Knight Honour Statues (Not Forest Knight photos, just for illustration purposes)

And then finally, all of the top 10 supporters will also receive a full Multiverse Set! So each person will receive the 9 multiverse items below on top of the above rewards! 1x Shadowsong, 1x Soulshift Armour, 1x Stormwall Shield, 1x APG-M55, 1x Forgehammer, 1x Epochrome Sword, 1x Mike, 1x Oindrasdain & 1x Archspire which will be able to be used across the multiverse games!

500 Chest Milestone Update

At Forest Knight we believe in transparency & honesty. We like to let our supporters know where the funding is going to be spent and used in the Forest Knight Journey.

An update on the 500 Chest Milestone and what the funds will be put towards from a development point of view. At hitting 500 chests, the funds were going towards getting Forest Knight to GDC to showcase our game! Due to Visa complications this unfortunately was unable to happen.

Because of this we have used the Milestone funding to take Forest Knight to another developer conference in Berlin, which went amazing! And also planing to attend other Dev Conferences in near future and show case Forest Knight for wider Audiences.

Thank you for your time! Stay tuned for more updates and news about Forest Knight.

Exciting times are on the way!

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