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Products – Containment Corps

Our First Strike Sale is now live!

Check out our new store site where we have a ton of items available for purchase, across all different types of rarities, backing, and in-game application.

Remember all these items will be useable IN-GAME August 19th

Shop like an Executive

Users can purchase items through our store using Paypal, Credit Card, or Cryptocurrency (ENJ, ETH, BTC you name it)


Players who sign up for an account on our site will have the option to send referral links to other people. For every 50$ spent with the link, you’ll get a 5$ voucher which you can use on our site. For each 50$ you get a stackable, non transferable 5 $ voucher.


Pay with cryptocurrency and pay 5% less on all items in a cart.

First Strike Sale Milestones:

To celebrate progress during our sale, we will be giving away Multiverse items when we hit 50% and 100% sold of total supply, for each of our 10 Available items.

If we can hit 100% of our sales goals, we will give away 50 EnJokers, 10 Bottles of Enchanted Powers, 50 Stormwalls, and 50 APG-M55s!

Hold one of our sale items in your wallet and you’ll have a chance to win one of these multiverse items.

Ex: We sell 50% of the Venom Arrows, everyone who has bought one has a chance at the multiverse drop. The more you own the more chances. A separate drop is held for each item’s milestone.

These multiverse items will be useable in-game in a very soon update!

Top Contributors:

To thank the people who contribute the most to our overall sale, we will be rewarding the top 5 contributors with the following prizes:

  1. The number one contributor will receive an exclusive player character title (Chief Investor) they also will receive for free: one of each of the 10 items available during our sale (worth almost 300 ENJ) along with an EnJoker, a Bottle of Enchanted Power, a Stormwall, and an APG-M55.
  2. Number two will have their username featured on a special plaque located in the new social Player Hub area (Listed as employee of the month). They also will receive one of each of the items listed for the number one contributor.
  3. Number three will be listed in the hub as employee of the month, and receive all items except the most valuable: The AI companions (Mark I and Be.T.Y)
  4. Number four will be listed in the hub as employee of the month, and receive an Aegis, Venom Arrow, and Fusion Grenade item, along with the included multiverse items.
  5. Number five will be listed in the hub as employee of the month, and receive a Venom Arrow item, along with the included multiverse items.

Use of Proceeds

Funds from this sale will go towards making Containment Corps an increasingly better game with new and exciting Enjin integrations implemented regularly. This has been an almost entirely volunteer effort from our development team for over two years — we wanted to prove we could implement ENJ backed items into our game (which we have!) before we opened up a sale. Ways we will use potential funds are listed below

  1. Dev costs: web hosting, server hosting, software licenses, and metadata hosting
  2. New Employment Funds: We want to grow our team to hire more designers, and artists, to make our world more dynamic and engaging
  3. Future Mint Costs: A portion of funds (7.5%) will be held to mint more items to further expand the ENJ based economy
  4. Developer Pay: Money to pay the dev team so we can continue to keep working in this awesome environment!

We have massive new features in development, like ENJ backed in-game rewards, a new player hub area, and more!

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