Late December / early January was a bit quieter for the Nestables team but development has ramped up again! This development update covers all of the work done since our last Medium post…

Development Progress

Research System

Researching will allow Cubes to improve their skills in different areas of gameplay, unlock new areas of the map and more. While some Cubes might be more suited to performing one task over another, you can help your Cube become more efficient by tasking them with ‘researching’ a particular area. Researching will allow your Cube to improve their skill in different areas. For example, a Cube will chop wood at a rate of say 60 wood per hour. You can task your Cube with researching “wood chopping” and improve that rate to 100 per hour. This will allow for you to specialise your Cube in certain areas of the game. Researching will take time. Each time you research one particular aspect, the length of time taken to research the next task will be longer.

The development of this system has been quite complex and time consuming. Each gameplay area has different outcomes from researching. For example, while researching wood chopping might improve the rate of wood collected, researching bathing could extend the time required between baths for a Cube. The intention is that each category of research will have sub-categories as well. Taking Wood Chopping as an example again, users could research:

  • Rate at which the Cube chops wood
  • Decrease the rate at which boredom increases while chopping wood
  • Decrease the rate at which fatigue increases while chopping wood

As we expect people to play Nestables differently, each area of research will appeal to a different gameplay style. For example, users who can check in with their Cubes on a regular basis, might choose to focus on the rate at which wood is collected. For users who don’t check in regularly, they might leave their Cubes chopping wood for longer and therefore, would most likely focus on decreasing the rate of fatigue or boredom.

Building Editor & Building

We showcased a first preview video of the building editor in our December Development update. A big thank you to those who liked, shared and have given us feedback on the video. Since then, more amazing progress has been made.

Over the past month or so, work has been done

  • Merging the building editor and the base Nestables game
  • Increasing the number of paints to allow for greater customisation levels
  • Start of the building system where the Cubes will construct the imported blueprint

Gameplay Camera

After some initial feedback from the community, we have continued to explore camera controls for players. Above is a quick demonstration of the camera rotation that we have implemented so far. Let us know what you think in our Telegram!

Breeding Update

Early this year we opened up applications for our Nestables Advisory Board to get early feedback from a wider section of the community. The first topic of discussion was breeding and the gameplay / blockchain mechanics in Nestables. This is a very important aspect of the gameplay that we want to get right. In the next week or so, we will be publishing a dedicated Medium post on the topic to update the entire community and gain further feedback on the proposed system.

Christmas Wearables

Thank you to those who purchased our limited edition Christmas 2019 wearables. The proceeds of sales went straight to funding a greater selection of textures for the building editor.

Total circulation:

  • Tree-mendous Specs — 28
  • Festive Backpack — 26
  • Elfish Hat — 29

We are excited to keep you as a community informed of our development progress. Until the next post, you can stay tuned with our progress via our TelegramTwitter.

~ Tribal Gaming

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