We want to end 2019 with a bang. Here is what to expect to come from Dissolution!

I’m so damn happy to announce that we are officially LIVE on Mainnet! I still remember back in April of last year (2018) Adam and I were discussing of even the possibility to integrate Ethereum with UE4. We’ve definitely come a long way…

For all those who have ascended their items to the Kovan test-net, fear not! We have a fully functioning system deployed on our website that automatically converts your kovan items to mainnet, so that you won’t lose any of your hard earned progress!

Moar Content!

We’ve had our hands full in the past months, and I’m excited to announce that we have a sh*tload of content coming before the end of the year:

  • Singleplayer Prologue (3 tutorial style missions designed for new players)
  • New 1v1/2v2 Map
1v1 me bro
  • Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch
  • A pvp dog fighting game-mode
  • Maybe a combined arms game-mode with infantry and ship combat

If you haven’t seen already, be sure to check out our ship physics prototype. Adam has been grinding like an absolute madman for the past month. Hats off buddy.


Did someone say Pre-Sale?

Thats right! We’re launching our presale in November with 3 one-of-a-kind God-Tier skins for the Zencor Corporation. Zencor is an in-game corporation that specializes in manufacturing state of the art Railguns!

Skin Tier Breakdown:

God-tier skins are the highest tier skin in the game. They are a complete redesign from the base model, inspired by Gods from different cultures and mythologies. Each God-tier skin is a completely unique one-off item, with its own unique animation set, particle effects, and sound. They will grant cool cosmetic bonuses in game along with being totally badass.

Legendary Skins are also complete redesigns on the base model and are limited to a supply of 10. They will feature different particle effects and sound.

Diamond Skins are complete redesigns that are more toned down in comparison to the Legendary and God Tiers. They will be limited to a supply of 500 and will have redesigned particle effects and sounds.

Platinum Skins use the base mesh of the model but feature heavy modifications to the item’s texture set, including bump-mapped surface details. These skins will follow a theme that relate to in-game lore to make them that much cooler. Platinum skins will be limited to a total supply of 2,500.

Gold Skins use the base mesh of the model but feature a complex pattern or image on the gun. They will follow a theme like similar to the platinum skins, and are limited to 5,000

Silver Skins are infinite and feature a basic pattern such as camo.

Bronze skins are simple color variations on the base gun. They will be infinite in supply as well.

Now that we’ve gotten the skin tiers out of the way, its time to tease you with our God-tier Silhouettes! These puppies will be up for grabs on Opensea in November. More specifics to be announced soon!

Upcoming God-Tier Skins for Zencor!!!

That’s all we have for now. Stay tuned for more details!

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