The upcoming American gothic TCG Dark Country introduced a special feature called Spirits, which could boost the value of each in-game card by permanently writing on the blockchain the damage dealt and other interesting statics, including unique visual upgrades.

Spirits promise to bring “memory” to your Dark Country cards by using a variety of slots from zero to three per card, there will be some unique cards with four slots, but those won’t be available through card packs. 

Inside the slots, players can place Spirits, which are divided into two different types, Stat tracking, and Quest.

The Stat Tracking Spirits

These Spirits keep track of different statics such as damage dealt, total victories, destroyed cards, and so on. To begin with, Dark Country will release three different Stat Tracking Spirits, the  Fox for tracking wins, the Wolf for tracking damage dealt, and the Snake for the number of all cards killed.

The Quest Spirit

This type of Spirit will be available for legendary and mythical cards only. Once you place it in the slot, the card will get a visual upgrade by adding animation, more kind of quest spirits will come in the future.

Once you place the gem (Spirit) inside the slot, there is no way to remove it, so whenever you use this feature, choose wisely. Also, when all slots are filled, the card will get a unique frame.

About Dark Country

Dark Country is an upcoming multichain American gothic Collectible Card Game (CCG) with support for WAXEOS, Ethereum, and TRON. Create, own and manage in-game items cards that are yours to keep forever. Dark Country is expected to launch public beta in Q2, 2020.

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