CryptoFights Presale Information: The Quest for Clarity

Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen an amazing show of support for our presale, and we couldn’t be more thankful. We’ve also been listening to questions and concerns from the community, and we want you to know you’ve been heard.

In an effort to clear up some of the biggest questions about the presale, we’ve compiled this article. We’ll be shining some light on such topics as: What items are left, how the RNG works for loot chests, what the percentage chance is of pulling certain rarities, etc. So without further delay, let’s dig in!

How exactly is my item selected when I open a loot chest?

The original percentages of each rarity tier were configured when the sale opened, based on that rarity’s percentage of the entire distribution(total items in the presale). When a chest is opened, a random number is generated to determine which tier a user will receive an item from.

Once a tier has been selected, the item itself is randomly selected from the list of all remaining items within that tier. This selection is weighted evenly across all items in that rarity tier, and is not affected by the quantity remaining of specific items in the tier. This approach tends to offer more variety of items earlier in the sale, as the items with lower quantity are still available. As their supplies are exhausted, they are removed from the loot pool, taking them out of possible loot chest pulls.

What items are left, and what are the odds for each rarity?

Here is a glance at how many of each rarity are left, and the odds of pulling an item from that rarity:

  • Special — 846 items — 49.62% chance
  • Common — 411 items — 24.11% chance
  • Uncommon — 182 items — 10.67% chance
  • Rare — 167 items — 9.79% chance
  • Epic — 74 items — 4.34% chance
  • Legendary — 25 items — 1.47% chance

For a look at which items are remaining within each rarity tier, please see the following Google Sheet. We have not listed the quantities of each specific item, as the quantity of a specific item does not affect its chance of being pulled. We will continue to strikethrough items in the spreadsheet that are no longer available: Remaining Presale Items

Why are items that are no longer available showing up in the “roulette” animation?

This was a technical oversight on our part. To assist with getting the presale site up and running in a timely fashion, we outsourced some of its development to a 3rd party web development team. This team created the chest opening ”roulette” animation. They chose random items for the “roulette” animation, without implementing a system to account for what is actually still available in the presale loot pool. This was only made clear to us once the items with a low supply were exhausted, yet still showed in the animation. We apologize for this oversight, and our intention was never to misrepresent what is actually available. We have patched this issue so that it will not cause any further confusion.

Why were some items created/minted after the beginning of the presale?

Some of the items we planned for and allocated to be a part of the presale were not finished being designed in time for the launch date. Rather than push back the start date, we chose to launch with these items removed from the loot pool. Once their designs were finished and they were minted/created on the blockchain, they were then available to be pulled from loot chest rolls. These items were the 3 Epic Armors and the Gen1 Legendary weapon, Interrogator. Since these items were planned for, they did not affect the percentage chances of drawing from a particular rarity tier by coming in after the presale launched.

We made this decision in an attempt to start the presale in a timely manner while also ensuring as little turnaround time from when you pulled an item to when it was sent to your ETH wallet. We know it isn’t fun to win an item, only to have to wait an excessive amount of time to receive said item. That being said, we apologize for the delay in adding these items as available pulls from the loot chests, and can assure you that all items planned and allocated for this presale are currently obtainable. Though we believed it to be the best option at the time, we can certainly understand the frustration of feeling like you may have “missed out”, and we apologize for that. We are still learning and evolving and will take all of your feedback into account for any situations like this that may arise in the future!

When will I receive the item(s) I won from my lootchest(s)?

Items won from loot chests are sent out in batches, typically every 24–48 hours. If you have been waiting longer, first make sure that you have set your receiving ETH address in your profile (icon at top right of page). If your address was already set, please submit a support ticket HERE.

The Community Milestone weapons will be sent out upon the conclusion of the presale. We need to wait and see how many separate accounts participate in the presale before we know the total supply we need to mint, we need to see which weapons are actually unlocked (in the unlikely event that sales completely stagnate and we decide to announce a closing date without reaching the top reward unlocks) and it will be much more efficient to send them all at once. We will make a separate announcement when the presale concludes to let you all know exactly when we are sending them out.

Will there be an exchange program for Early Adopter weapons?

Yes! We’ve been listening, and understand that a lot of you ended up with bulk EA weapons, so we are opening an Early Adopter exchange program! It will be similar to the Common exchange program (details on that can be found here), but with a few tweaks. For the Early Adopter exchange program, we have created an Improved version for each type of weapon. You can exchange 5 of the same type of Early Adopter weapon for its upgraded version, using the trading site. Simply create a trade request offering 5 of the same type of Early Adopter weapon, and asking for the Improved version of that weapon. For example, offer 5 Early Adopter Daggers and set the “asking” as 1 Early Adopter Improved Dagger.

We will begin fulfilling eligible trade requests daily, starting today (2/1/2019)! Only 50 of each Early Adopter Improved weapon will ever be created, and they will each have an ENJ backing of 100. By trading in 5 Early Adopter weapons, you are getting back a much more powerful weapon with DOUBLE the ENJ backing of the 5 you trade in! Early Adopter Improved weapons are pictured below:

*Quarterstaff is actually two-handed. “One-hand” is a typo in this image

I still have questions!

If you are left with any unanswered questions, or have additional comments or concerns, please send us an email at: info@cryptofights.io.

You can always reach us in our communities as well, and we will be happy to help in any way we can: Discord, Official Telegram, Trading Site Support Telegram.

Thank you all for your continued support! We are incredibly grateful to have such an awesome community, and we are constantly learning and adapting in order to provide the best experience for you that we can. This is only possible with your feedback, so never hesitate to speak your mind with us! This philosophy carries over to our game design, so once you get your hands on the beta, let us know what you think. We are trying to make the game that we all want to play, and our community will play a key role in shaping the future of CryptoFights!

See you on the battlefield soon…

CryptoFights — Enter the Arena

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