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CryptoZone is a community-driven Telegram giveaways channel. They started giving away ERC-20 tokens and rapidly expanded to crypto-collectibles such as ERC-721 and ERC-1155.
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Twitch seems to be a nice place for a hunt and I’m looking forward to playing with your soul in the Enjin Multiverse. Soon I will announce my hunting times. Do you want to play a game?
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Sky Vault
Missions: Short term: provide services which will help facilitate fundraising and trading between organizations and the community. Including raffle services, lottery services and games. Long term: Become the multiverse bank for people to buy, sell or rent assets from.   Read the full statement here. Check out fun & rewarding
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CRYPTOTIPSFR – giveaway platform
Cryptotipsfr is an info, sharing and giveaway platform with a focus on cryptotrading, gaming and Enjin coin. Via various social channels blockchain items can be won.
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Eirik the Viking Giveaway Group
A Telegram channel where people can play mini-games and answer quizzes related to Enjin-games to win Enjin-backed blockchain assets as rewards. 100% non-profit project.
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