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A strategy video game focuses on skillful thinking and planning to achieve victory. It emphasizes strategic, tactical, and sometimes logistical challenges. Many offer economic challenges and exploration.
Forest Knight
Forest Knight is a turn-based strategy game for mobile that allows players to build their dream team and go on an adventure through the fantasy world of Chronville.
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Enigma Games is an indie game developing house with the slogan "Games that Change the Game”. They currently have two blockchain games powered by Enjin - Shield of Shalwend & Min Mins.
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A Turret’s Life
Still in development - A Turret’s Life is a single-player first person tower defense game for PC and VR currently under development with fast-paced gameplay and deck-building inspired features, where the player takes control of an automated sentry turret to defend the facility against endless waves of attacking robots.
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Hex World
HEX is a competitive strategy game with endlessly varied items, worlds, and characters to craft and trade. HEX is completely free to play, all items and content can be found just by playing.
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Age of Rust
Age of rust is similar to Firewatch /  Myst in a Dystopian Sci-Fi setting. Game levels are mixed between exploration and combat in a First-Person perspective. Players solve puzzles to progress to new areas and collect in-game and blockchain game items to aid progress in the game.
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Project Genesis
Project Genesis created by 8CircuitStudios is a competitive FPS and 3rd person space combat shooter where teams battle each other for prestige, tech, and dominion! Create first person avatars and launch them on breach-and-board missions to raid or commandeer your opponents’ precious capital class ships.
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Hash Rush
Hash Rush unites the worlds of blockchain and real-time strategy gaming. For the first time ever, this combination allows gamers to compete for tokenized blockchain rewards and other great prizes.
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War Riders
War Riders™ is a next generation, post-apocalyptic MMO strategy game of mining (collecting) cryptocurrency and blowing up cars.
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This is a very simple game where players conquer the world trading virtual countries using Ether. Once you have bought a country, you will be rewarded for life by getting all kinds of dividends, bonuses and regular jackpots.
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0xUniverse is the next generation blockchain game where players can build spaceships, explore the galaxy, and colonize planets. The discoverers will extract resources and carry out research that allows them to conquer the remotest corners of the galaxy. In addition, players can jointly contribute to the story and unravel the
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