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An online video game which can be played by a very large number of people simultaneously.
DECIMATED is an award winning multiplayer survival RPG still in development with rare collectable virtual items, in a post-apocalyptic cyberpunk world. It is integrating the Ethereum blockchain.
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CSC (Crypto Space Commander)
CSC (Crypto Space Commander) is a sandbox space MMO that operates a player-owned economy. Players can travel to different star systems, mine stellar bodies for resources, craft items and ships to sell, battle pirates and other players while commanding their very own starship. CSC utilizes the Ethereum blockchain to secure
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Arena Match
Arena Match is a skill-based esports gaming app that will allow gamers to bet and compete in solo Skill Challenges, daily high score leaderboards, head-to-head matches, and Battle Royale modes.
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Containment Corps
Containment Corps is an online F2P Tower defence multiplayer cooperative first person experience powered by Enjin. The game combines elements of resource management and traditional FPS themes to create an exhilarating team-based encounter.
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Kingdoms Beyond
Kingdoms Beyond is a F2P (Free to play) Open World MMORPG built on the Ethereum blockchain but non-blockchain playable where you can explore and train your heroes, conquer bosses for epic loot and build your own kingdom!
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War Riders
War Riders™ is a next generation, post-apocalyptic MMO strategy game of mining (collecting) cryptocurrency and blowing up cars.
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A player driven economy, decentralised and serverless game network, crypto-graphically secure and provably fair gameplay, all in 1 massive MMORPG that runs 100% on Xaya blockchain technology.
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An MMORPG intending to combine blockchain, socialmedia and gamification. STEEMPUNK-NET utilises the STEEM blockchain to combine the world of gamers with the technology of a blockchain.
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The First Strategy War Game built on WAVES blockchain platform and one of the first crypto-currency based games with real stakes and a real sense of achievement. It is a fun, FREE real-time strategy game available across multiple platforms whether you are using PC, Mac, Android, or IOS.
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A simple game is played to collect coins on a map of which has an element of Player vs Player combat to fight over resources. Sort of an MMO idle (but not idle) PvP that helped create building blocks for Xaya platform (but it's not on Xaya). Simples;)
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