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Decentralized marketplace for crypto assets, which include collectibles, gaming items, and other digital goods that are backed by a blockchain.
CSC (Crypto Space Commander)
CSC (Crypto Space Commander) is a sandbox space MMO that operates a player-owned economy. Players can travel to different star systems, mine stellar bodies for resources, craft items and ships to sell, battle pirates and other players while commanding their very own starship. CSC utilizes the Ethereum blockchain to secure
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RHOVIT is a reward-based content platform. The goal is to help content creators earn more while at the same time rewarding viewers.
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Sky Vault
Missions: Short term: provide services which will help facilitate fundraising and trading between organizations and the community. Including raffle services, lottery services and games. Long term: Become the multiverse bank for people to buy, sell or rent assets from.   Read the full statement here. Check out fun & rewarding
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Crypto Oinks
A simulation game that can blend a mysterious creature "Crypton" and collect many kinds of characters such as various colors and shapes."Crypt-Oink" is Japan's first blockchain game.
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F1 Delta Time
F1® Delta Time is a blockchain-based game which utilises the ERC-721 and ERC-20 standards, and runs on the Ethereum blockchain. The game centres around the collection and trading of unique Cars, Drivers and Components.
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World of Ether
World of Ether is a decentralized collectible dueling game that lives inside of a browser on the Ethereum Virtual Machine. The game is centered around the collection, breeding, and fighting of monsters. Each monster is stored inside of a contract and referenced by our platform.
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Somnium Space
Somnium Space Somnium Space is creating an Open, Social, Virtual Reality world on the Ethereum blockchain in partnership with Loom and Opensea. A world with its own economy and its own currency. A VR world with its own Marketplace, Games, Social experiences and Virtual Land ownership. Ready to play now
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The Sandbox
The Sandbox is a community-driven platform where creators can monetize voxel assets and gaming experiences on the blockchain. The Sandbox is fully 3D and aims to be the new standard in world building games. It combines player-centric world-building experiences and character-driven narratives. Due for full release in 2020.
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Steem is a social blockchain platform that grows communities and makes immediate revenue streams possible for users by rewarding them for sharing content. Users become platform stakeholders, maintaining control over their data, and earning cryptocurrency rewards for each contribution they make. It is fast, free, and scalable.
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Joy World
JOYs are invading Earth to make you JOYful and creative! Each original JOY is a virtual muse you can trade in the JOYWORLD Market.
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