Worldopoly is a Real Estate simulation Mobile game built on the Ethereum blockchain which uses Augmented Reality, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence world. Like Monopoly,  you can buy streets and buildings, cooperate with other players, earn money and become a CyrptoLord!

After creating your profile using e-mail verification you’ll be provided with the gaming map using geolocation, so it’s your location with all it’s streets and places. The world is your playing field. On the map you can find various drop-points of crystals and locations of events.




Develop Infrastructure and start with small steps. Build your Empire and level-up. each building to earn more. An expansion is a key to success!
Level-up your gaming experience to influence the market and other players. Open new opportunities and get access to the top-level buildings.
Collect Crystals. Buy Hexagons. Place Buildings. Real maps and Geo-positioning.
Become a CryptoLord and expand your territory and improve the infrastructure. The more territory will be, the more influence you will get!

When you’re near the dropoint you can tap on the blue circle that activates the AR-Extension of Worldopo on your phone. You can now scan your surroundings using your phone once you see a crystal you can collect it by pointing your phone at it. But be careful everybody else also knows that the crystals are at this location, so it’s first come, first served! But don’t worry your location is completely private as only the location of the crystals and events can be seen by everyone.


With your collected crystals you can buy mining farms that will generate even more crystals. Mining farms need place in the world so you have to buy hexagons (about 50 sqm) on the real world. Tip: Buy them next to you but also next to an infrastructure that already exists. Your mining farm needs electricity, internet and men power to operate well.

Style your hexagons so everybody can see your territory out from the moon.

Additionally you can also earn extra crystals by connecting to popular social media sites or joining our awesome telegram group and speak to us developers directly.

You can get WPT participating in the Worldopo bounty campaign or investing during Worldopo CrowdVenture (CCO) Rounds. Later, WPT-tokens will also be available on external Exchanges.

Game features

Catching crystals using AR and Geolocation

Using Maps as the playing field

Building up a mining farm


Creation of unique user profiles using e-mail verification

Location of users is private.