Treat Fighter

Running on the XAYA blockchain, Treat Fighter is a collectible game where you as Overlord cook Treats, gather candies and recipes on expeditions, and fight PvP battles against your fellow Overlords.

Collect precious candies and fight for your amusement in the Coliseum. Trade Treats with other players, or deconstruct underperforming Treats to extract candy from them. Domination is the name of the game in the land of Canedoom. Will you take up the challenge to dominate in the land of Canedoom?

Cook Treats

Use the ancient art of cooking to breathe life into candies and boost their power with sweeteners!

Plunder Canedoom

Send your Treat Fighters on expeditions to plunder the vast riches of the land and expand your army!

Fight in the Coliseum

Battle against other Overlords in the Coliseum with Treat squads. Gain power and prestige for yourself as a true, dominating Overlord.

To be an Overlord, you’ll need 3 things you need to get started

XAYA Electron Wallet

Download Here

CHI Coins (buy or ask in XAYA’s telegram)

Purchase Here

Treat Fighter

Download Here

You need CHI in order to play Treat Fighter. And CHI costs money. Performing most actions in game incurs a small fee in CHI (similar to Gas in Ethereum games). Additionally, creating a Treat Fighter or selling Treat Fighter incurs larger fees. The game is in beta but you can follow to find out more.