The Ledger of Szabo

The Ledger of Szabo is an homage to the original Legend of Zelda by Nintendo, released in 1986 for the NES. This is the biggest and final game of The Pineapple Arcade, which will launch next week with a whole slew of puzzles with Bitcoin and Ethereum prizes ready to be discovered and cracked.

As part of The Ledger of Szabo, players can create their own in-game characters that can be used to play through the game and hunt for the cryptocurrency treasures that await.

In-game characters will be regular, tradable NFTs, so you can buy, sell and trade them just like any other blockchain asset. And any of the character NFTs you create and own will let you play The Ledger of Szabo.


Character movement sprites are 16×16, except for the attacking movement which is 16×28 for up and down attacks and 28×16 for left and right attacks. The images should be saved in the PNG image format on a transparent background.

Each direction (down, up, left, right) has three images: standing still, left foot forward, and right foot forward. The animation will cycle through four frames: stand, left foot, stand, right foot. Attacks are single frames.

Example Character, “Neil”


You can use any colors that you like for your character! However, it is worth mentioning that the game itself uses the NES color palette, which is provided in the above Asset Folder.

Sprite Software

Online Tools

  1. Piskel: (Our personal recommendation)
  2. Pixel Art:


  1. AesSprite:
  2. GraphicsGale:

Submit your NFT design submission to:

And include the following information:

  • Folder with all of the Character NFT assets
  • Name for your Character
  • The Ethereum address that you paid us from

You must pay in advance before we will create the NFT and send it to you.

Asset Folder

Please try to maintain the folder structure of the “Character Example” folder. Be sure to read all of the sections below before you begin your sprite creation journey.

For full and further details click here for blog.


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