Somnium Space

Somnium Space is creating an Open, Social, Virtual Reality world on the Ethereum blockchain in partnership with Loom and Opensea. A world with its own economy and its own currency. A VR world with its own Marketplace, Games, Social experiences and Virtual Land ownership. Ready to play now and fully accessible from any device from 2D mode on a user’s Desktop to an immersive VR mode on a user’s Desktop or Mobile.

“By tokenizing Somnium In-Game assets and Land Parcels, we are forever decoupling Somnium Space as a company from owning and operating database of parcels and all in- game items by giving this power to our users”


  • A Blockchain VR Metaverse
  • Security of Ownership
  • Authenticity of Origin
  • Tradable via decentralized Marketplaces
  • Built with proven & secure standards
  • Variety of creative tools: SDK, Builder, etc.
  • Cross-platform VR Client

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This comprehensive video tutorial made by community member Mickyelloow will teach you all you need to know in order to create amazing and even complex structures. Discover secrets and hidden capabilities of Somnium tools and start creating right away.


Cross Platform

Available on all major VR headsets.

Somnium Space

Customizable PC Client

Create and adjust your own layout setup for fast in-game interaction.

Somnium Space

Live Forever

Automatic recording mode of yourself on your own property for future AI analysis to bring your avatar to life.

Somnium Space


Integration of blockchain allows true ownership of digital goods, avatars, items and virtual land. We are creating a long lasting Economy which will allow instant monetization for our in-world creators.

Somnium Space

Persistent Social VR World

Unlimited scalable world built by users within one instance.

Somnium Space

Virtual Land Ownership

Buy and customize your own land. Build anything you envision.

Somnium Space

Scriptable World

Program your own experience and monetize through the asset store or on your property.

Somnium Space

Monetize Your Space

Take advantage of fully programmatic VR advertisement plugin. Capture and analyze gaze tracking, engagement and conversion rates.

PC Client