RHOVIT Platform


RHOVIT is a reward-based content platform. The goal is to help content creators earn more while at the same time rewarding viewers.

Each time you as a viewer spends “Points” to unlock content, creators are earning actual USD. In return, you earn “Loot”. Earn enough Loot and you get an “Rbit Token” which can be used to buy digital goods on the platform or simply transferred to your personal digital wallet.

RHOVIT is a platform that is fun, gamified and most importantly – beneficial for both viewers and creators!


Points are a virtual currency used to unlock the content. Each point is worth $.005. The full value of each point you spend goes directly to the creator. Each week RHOVIT distributes new points to viewers based on the amount you spent the previous week.
For example…
If RHOVIT distributes 1000 Points and Viewer A spent 50 Points the week prior and Viewer B spent 75 Points, Viewer B would get a larger share of the 1000 points.
Viewers can also buy more points by purchasing a Point Pack with their credit card (Paypal). Points can not be transferred off RHOVIT. Their sole purpose is to unlock the content.

Rbit Token

Rbit Tokens are a NEM based crypto-currency. They are earned on the platform by viewers in two ways:

  1. Collecting Loot (20 loot = 1 Rbit)
  2. Watching Ads. Viewers can watch up to 2 ads a day.

Rbit tokens can be used to purchase digital goods on the site in the Rbit Shop. They can also be transferred to a personal digital wallet. (Must be a NEM Nano Wallet). In order to transfer to a wallet, the viewer must have collected at least 20 Rbit Tokens.NEM Nano Wallets can be downloaded at https://nem.io/downloads/
You can learn how to set up your wallet by watching this tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mn3z6dtDsU0
Your wallet address should always begin with the letter N. If it does not, then you do not have the correct wallet and you will not receive your tokens.

Rbit Shop

The whole platform is connected, unlocking content in RHOVIT allows you to earn loot back which can be converted in Rbit tokens, 20 loot equals 1 Rbit.

The Rbit Shop supports multiple payment methods including USD (Paypal), BTC, ETH, and Rbit tokens.

The Store contains 4 different product categories.

  • Non-Fungible Tokens (in-game assets)
  • Fungible Tokens (Utility tokens & In-game assets)
  • Digital Goods
  • Merchandise

There are discounts on the products if you choose to pay with Rbits and every time you complete a purchase, you earn points back. Additionally, all items can be traced through the dashboard.