Plasma Bears

Plasma Bears is a collectible social crafting game from the creators of Neon District.Collect bear parts to craft unique bears and send them on quests to earn loot and craft more bears. Collect, Construct, and Adventure.

ASSEMBLE your squad of Plasma Bears (literally, you have to put them together…)

PICK UP the pieces of a world shattered by technology (bear pieces, mainly).

DISCOVER the secrets that led to the Great Shredding of 2071.

You’ll want to collect as many powerful and gorgeous and interesting bear parts as you can in order to assemble them into kick-ass Plasma Bears. Once you have an awesome bear at hand, you can take them adventuring to find more loot and treasure! And then, you can build more bears!

How To Play

Step One: Collect Bear Parts

Collect Plasma Bear Parts by visiting the site daily, adventuring, or trading with your friends. Learn more about collecting bear parts.

Step Two: Craft Awesome Bears

Assemble your bears into adventurers or drama queens — Or both! Whatever you want to do. Learn more about building your bears.

Step Three: Go Adventuring in their kooky world!

Get out into the world and discover the secrets leading up to The Great Shredding. Learn more about adventuring.


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