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CryptoStache – Enjin MarketPlace Review


AlterVerse – Chaos on the Bridge – Internal Playtest
Disruption pre-alpha is coming this month for all Elite Lifetime Citizenship and Server Owners!
Info on how you can be among the first to play.


Pre-sale cubes have now been minted and sent to your wallet! You can view the Cubes here on EnjinX:


Complete revamp of flight HUD and AI behavior on both the wingman AI side and enemy AI.

Enjin Marketplace Review – Buy & Sell Crypto Collectibles & ERC-1155 NFT’s

Eirik the Viking / Kriptomat Dragons / Enjin
Largest ERC1155 mint by an individual, sitting at 1M Enjin = U$62,181.10
3 day lore and 3 days to draw. Stunning piece!
Eirik has also started a giveaway page with casual pop up games. Check out the pinned post for more info.
Rhovit / Enjin / Age of Rust / Ether Legends
Latest Meltelbrot Interview out on RHOVIT, a new blockchain reward-based content platform featuring cool articles and videos.
Titan Flight / Enjin
Are you a backend developer? Titan Flights is in the process of hiring 2. Reach out if you are interested!
@jonw1515 CEO, Titan Flight Studios.
Giving away enjin-backed items to those who play!
AlterVerse / Enjin
AlterVerse introduces the first ever Customizable, Tokenized Game Skins.
Enigma Games / Enjin
Shield of Shalwend is one of the 550 entrants for this year’s IGF contest!
Kawaii Collection / Spirit Clash / Enjin
Kawaii collection team is happy to announce the first asset ERC-1155 redeemable for a special mug in collaboration with Spirit Clash & Cryptotipsfr
AlterVerse Inc., a next-gen, indie, game dev studio, is pleased to announce a major upgrade to our customization system.

Commentator Blockchain Brad chats with Witek Radomski (CTO – Enjin) on Key Updates, Products, Dev Roadmap, Partnerships

Space Misfits / Enjin
Win your own customised and named Space Station in the 3D Low Poly Space Sandbox MMO – Space Misfits – and the potential to win future in game revenue.

SamBam / Giveaway / Enjin
TWITCH GIVEAWAY: DAY 1 will officially begin Sunday, October 20th at 8am PST.
Heaps of valuable NFTs up for grabs. Mark your calendar and join now to stay in the loop.

BlockchainBrad speaks with Enjin Co-Founder & CTO, Witek Radomski, for another detailed Oct ’19 update on this full stack blockchain gaming platform to suppo…


Spirit Clash / Enjin / OpenSea
Enjin powered Card Game progressing quickly – beautiful styled cards with great back lore, and although I can’t show the mechanics under the bonnet. After a sneak peak – effective, slick and beautiful layout is how it could be described. Looks promising!
Cats In Mechs / Containment Corps / Enjin
New Multiverse Item collab revealed between Cats in Mechs & Containment Corps. The assets look sick! This powerful item will be showcased tomorrow courtesy of Will he survive or become lizard chow?
Meltelbrot / Kawaii Collection / Enjin
This community spotlight is on The Monolith – A guy who has used ERC-1155 and ENJ to tether digital tokens to coffee mugs and more. Pretty neat! Giveaway inside.
Age of Rust / Enjin
Touted as one of the most beautiful blockchain games being developed, this post apocalyptic Sci-Fi adventure game today announced pre-alpha for those hodling their Enjin backed Age of Rust – Multiverse Founders Token (MFT).
Early Preview Game Trailer for Age of Rust, a dark sci-fi adventure game set in the vast expanse of the universe.
Enigma Games / Enjin
Creating games that change the games. Enigma Games has tokenised some mini Enjin members for their mini games, can you pick whose who? Min Mins, launching soon on Android & IOS.
Cats in Mechs / Enjin
Megaworld Studios creators of Cats in Mechs is looking for a PhP capable person with availability to get involved in their upcoming blockchain game. It will involve server game programming. Got the skills? Want to be involved in something as cool as cats? Then make sure you engage!
Telegram: @megaworldstudios