Nestables will allow gamers to collect, trade and breed 3D ‘Cubes’, each of which has their own unique personality and physical traits. Interact with your Cubes through designing, creating and decorating their ‘Nest’. Task your Cube with collecting resources or building improvements for the Nest or allow them to relax and play.

Each and every Cube is unique! They all have different physical and personality traits. Cubes are made up of a skin texture with two colours, eyes,  head decoration / ears and a tail. Each Cube will also have two different personality traits.

Each Cube is an ERC-1155 Token backed by ENJ. Blockchain Integration Powered by Enjin.


Nestables will allow you to breed Cubes to add to your collection or help around the Nest. The off-spring are the results of the genes inherited from their parents.

Task your Cube with collecting resources to build homes, expand your nest and more!

Build a world for your Cubes to explore, play and work in. Decorate your Nest with pre-made props or make your own!

Breed your Cubes to make unique off-spring! Each Cube has physical and personality traits inherited from their parents.

You own your ‘Cube’! On the marketplace you can trade and sell your Cubes, builds, wearables and skins.

Nestables are currently developing their marketplace.



Nestables for sale