NEOWorld and NEOLand are a multiplayer online virtual world that runs on NEO blockchain. Here in the 3D virtual environment NEOLand is an island off NEOWorld, where players explore new frontiers, create skylines, pursue careers and build wealth, legends and legacies from scratch, just like in the real world. Both are social platforms where players can chat and establish personal connections, maybe even forge a community and run for election. Take part in a campaign and be the Lord of your continent.

NEOWorld has also introduced an Ethereum based token to facilitate trades and activities in the virtual world.

NEOLand – a part of NEOWorld

NEOLAND is a huge island that different from the main land, there are total 9 districts, each district has independent resources and different landscapes. There will only be 900 plots of lands firstly opened, other lands will be considered later according to the NEOLAND operation team’s schedule.

The island is a part of NEOWORLD, the vertical world is composed of big, small and middle size of islands. NEOWORLD players could transfer among main island and islands by transportation.

NEOWORLD includes the main land and other lands, which has vast territory and rich natural resources. It is the birthplace and residence place for most of players. A variety of functional buildings can be built on the main continent to serve the entire NeoWorld. At the same time, it will rely on the powerful UGC function to enable users to create various game materials, scenes and games. The continents are governed autonomously by community users through the system of wonder and overlords. The currency of the main continent is Nash.

The island is funded and operated by the third party project, the core goal of which is to provide an interact, communicating and visible scene for players. It will also announce the project development progress and its ecosystem information at the real time. The lands and resources on the island are scarce, so the cost of production and consumption will be higher, players could build specific productive, operative, or functional buildings, and import materials from the main land via the wharf. The main land currency is assigned by the project operation team.

Recommended PC configurations

Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2100 CPU @ 3.10GHz
Graphics card: GTX 750 Independent Graphics Card or more advanced graphics cards
OS: Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10 (64 bit)
Driver: DirectX 9.0c









NEO Land