Galleass is an open source, decentralized, hand painted, resource management game loosely based in the age of sail.



The first stage in the game is fishing. You purchase a  Dogger from the  Harbor and sail around the world in search of lunkers. When you cast out your fishing line there is a commit / reveal mechanic for pseudo-randomness. You pick a hash for your ‘bait’ and then you submit the ‘bait hash’ reveal to be hashed with the previous block. Fish that are farther away from your boat are also harder to catch. Once you catch a fish you can sell it to the  Fishmonger for  Copper.

Dogger Catfish Snark Dangler Pinner Redbass


The owner of the  Harbor uses a craftsman  Citizen and  Timber to build Doggers. These ships are then sold to new players as they enter the game to go fishing or sailing.


The  Fishmonger buys  Fish for  Copper and turns them into  Fillets to feed your growing population of  Citizens.


The  Market is used to trade ERC-20 tokens within the game.

Building / Resources

Players can purchase and sell  Land. There are two categories of tiles; resource tiles and building tiles. You can build a  Village and then a  Castle on building tiles:

You can harvest resources manually from resource tiles, but you can also build things like a Timbercamp using a Lumberjack  Citizen on a forest tile to generate  Timber automatically based on blockhashes:

Resources are generated at a Timbercamp when a certain range of blockhash is mined.

The owner can efficiently collect large groups of resources to save on gas.

This idea will be greatly extended. Expect many different tile types and new resources to harvest soon!

Stone Timber Greens Fillet Copper


As you purchase land and build your first settlement, Citizens can be produced from food resources. The important mechanic here will be collecting unique types of food from around the world. Citizens will have improved attributes based on the different types of food you create them from. Citizens are the only asset exchanged directly for  Ethereum instead of  Copper in the game. Each citizen will also have a unique look based on their genetics. I would really love for someone from the community to take over the citizen design file and run with it. I’m not very good and drawing people 🙁 They all end up looking like slack-jawed men. (Like myself)


Galleass should also work on your mobile wallets like Trust or Toshi:


In Galleass, each transaction is represented by a wooden plank in the bottom left of the screen with a progress indicator and a hash. It also switches over to the transaction cost in Ethereum after the status is cleared:

Sailing (WIP)

Ships like the  Dogger are ERC-721 (#nifties). They have metadata like speed, strength, luck, etc. These attributes are based on the skills of the Craftsman Citizen that constructed the ship.


The next stage of development will be geared towards players purchasing a seaworthy vessel from the harbor with Copper and sailing to another island. This will help the game scale to new heights and handle many more players at once.

The land contract has the functionality to procedurally generate more land as needed, but this will only be in build mode. When the contract fleet is switched to Production mode (fully decentralized), land and may other mechanics are set in stone.

War (WIP)

Protecting your assets will be important. Ships of war will be built for both defensive and offensive purposes.


Advanced Mechanics and Economy (WIP)

As your wealth grows in the game, so will your population. With a larger Citizen pool to draw from, you will be able to train specialized Citizens. For instance, a University tile (backed by a smart contract) could accept Copper plus a Citizen and output an Engineer Citizen. These specialized Citizens will have more abilities and can build/harvest better products.


My current short list for Galleass:

  • New resource tiles and expansion tiles to produce new tokens.
  • Buying sea worthy ships at the harbor that can sail to other islands.
  • The procedurally generated islands will have different climates based on where they end up being placed. (based on the blockhash)
  • Better UI for land tiles so you can buy, sell, and interact with tile contracts.
  • Functional map that let’s you plot a course to a different island.
  • Functional resources tiles that can be built on and harvested.
  • Bigger better ships with combat enabled.
  • Efficiency and clean code! Everything from the front-end to the smart contracts are raw and inefficient.
  • Citizens with genes and attributes
  • Main React App.js file refactored into many smaller components to make it easier to work with

Hand Paintings

When I originally painted the graphics for Galleass, I took DSLR photos of my paintings and Photoshopped them into game graphics. Lately, I’ve been drawing most of my graphics directly in Photoshop, but I have a bunch of the old paintings still laying around… maybe some of these will eventually make their way into the game…