Everdragons is a blockchain based gaming platform. It is the easiest and most fun way to get started with crypto and blockchain. Collect unique Everdragons, no one is the same in appearance, level them up and let them compete against others!



√ on two stand alone blockchains!
√ on three stand alone blockchains!
√ with two way bridges between chains!
√ powered by real life events!
√ with a scarcity control algorithm on chain!
√ with a 100% uniqueness control on chain!



Competing in the dragon games is hungry work. When your Everdragon joins a game, it’s fullness decreases. The coins to feed your dragon flows into the prize pot for the games.


Each Everdragon is allocated a Power Source number which is embedded in its DNA. It determines which source outside the blockchain the Everdragon is powered by.


This is awarded to Everdragons who win games. Prestige can be used by the Everdragon to host their own games. A high number of Prestige may increase the value of the Everdragon.


By participating in games, Everdragons earn experience which gains them access to higher level games. A high level of experience may increase the value of the Everdragon.


Play with your Everdragons on your favorite chain… or let them travel from chain to chain.

Ethereum is where the first dragons were born. The smart contract pioneer of blockchains is the established name in the space.

POA is an Ethereum based stand alone blockchain. It uses the same tools, wallets and even account addresses. It is very easy to use, 5000 times cheaper and 3 times faster than Ethereum.

TRON is the new rising star. It is a very popular and super fast chain. It uses it’s own tools and has the option of free transactions. Ideal for gaming!

We recommend to use Nifty Wallet or MetaMask as your dApp browser on PC. For mobile users we recommend Trust wallet.

We recommend to use Nifty Wallet as your dApp browser on PC. For mobile users we recommend Trust wallet.

We recommend to use Tronpay as your dApp browser on PC. For Mobile users there are a few early stage development options such as Guildchat or Mathwallet.


Everdragons are all 100% unique in appearance and at least one of them is just right for you.


Let your Everdragons compete in the dragon games from where they bring home prizes and achievements for you.


Get familiar with blockchain and its tools and become a pro on several chains… all by playing.


Everdragons are all 100% unique, no two are the same. They vary in design, color, origin, domain and Power Source. These aspects are written into the Everdragons DNA, embedded in the Blockchain, and can never be altered.