Ether Legends

Ether Legends is a collectible, turn-based, RPG arena style Trading Card Game. Each Ether Legends trading card is a unique Ethereum ERC721 token crypto-collectible and are also available in physical form. This means that you have complete ownership over every card you own. Each physical card has a unique QR code for one-time redemption, secured by the Blockchain. To purchase Ether Legends digital goods using ETH or to redeem QR codes, download the Ether Legends App.

Basic Gameplay

To get started, roll the die to determine who starts the engagement. Choose the champion you want to employ your base ability, Attack or Heal. Your opponent will have the chance to Defend the attack or Disrupt the heal.

Players can expect a fun, challenging, fast-paced, engaging environment that is primarily based on choice which facilitates a dynamic gaming experience. For the digital game, players will be able to do much more than what is available for the physical game.

ERC-1155 Creator Tokens are also available to receive future digital cards airdropped to your inventory.

More details in the founder interview – Meltelbrot#33.

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