CryptoZone is a community-driven Telegram giveaways channel. They started giving away ERC-20 tokens and rapidly expanded to crypto-collectibles such as ERC-721 and ERC-1155.

Giveaways range from Telegram video games using third party apps like GAMEE and betverse (beta) along with Telegram bots to host fun trivia and chat mechanics.

Current sponsors are AlterVerse, Ether Legends, Arena Match, Acewins, Parachute, AfterShock and BrainiacChess.

Features of giveaways system

Weekly games that last from Monday to Saturday

Prizes range from 500 to 3000 Par tokens and a couple of enjin backed assets

Flash games (15 – 30 minutes), some 24h games

Trivias about our sponsors or other topics (generally videogames)

Chat mechanics such as our “Guess the movie with emojis” game

Twitter giveaways

Most active and useful members rewards ( combots’ analytics are a big help in this regards)


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