As a newcomer to Cryptotipsfr you will get confused. At first. As there is simply so much going on in Pepsi’s world of helping, sharing, giving and winning. With Pepsi being the man in charge. Topped off with a tiny language ‘barrière’ this still expanding giveaway platform has a pretty steep learning curve. However…it’s worth it and its community is lively, fun, friendly and very helpful.

To help you get started we made a (possibly incomplete) overview of the current happenings.

  • Pepsi and his community give advice on anything crypto related.
  • He actively finds scams and scammers, warns you about them, calls them out in public, reports them and stimulates you to do the same. Not excluding any platform this mainly concerns Twitter [@cryptotipsfr]
  • Information on worthwhile ERC20 airdrops, bounties, contests and AMA’s are shared in the Telegram announcement channel and the Telegram community group and the website []
  • There is an auction service with escrow in a separate Telegram Group [].
  • There is a free to enter random number roll bot giveaway every Sunday in the TG community group.
  • There is an ongoing long term enjin lottery for which you can win or buy tickets which are erc1155 tokens [].
  • There are a lot of gleam and givelab giveaways. With simple one-time and daily tasks as well as some treasure hunting. And often there are bigger chances of winning for holding certain platform related tokens. Tokens which again you can win or buy.

Prizes that are won vary from lottery and other community tokens to a variety of ERC-1155 collectibles donated by different game platforms. Some ‘worth’ little, some definitely worth a lot!

Holding certain community tokens can give you small airdrops. Collecting a certain combination of tokens means you can swap them for a token with a higher value in backing or bigger airdrop chances and/or will unlock entry to certain giveaways and/or better your chances in them. For example a toast token, a butter token and a jam token together will get you a rapapa…breakfast token.

A lot to take in. And that’s not all yet. As slowly but gradually things are expanding. Collaborations are popping up and more are to be expected. One of them is just on the road. The Kawaii Collection [] [ ] made by Monolith [ @therealmonolith ] is a growing set of real life collectables like t-shirts and mugs with pictures appearing when hot fluid goes into them.

Also there are tokens with art showing up. Surely this must lead to some interesting ‘winning while art-collecting’.

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