CRYPTOFAST is a racing car development and operation game, with millions of combinations of DIY cool modification systems, BOSS copies, athletics, guessing and is built on NEO blockchain. Different from traditional games, the CRYPTOFAST system has a very high openness, and through the thought and technological transformation of blockchain, the system was given to the player to lead, and the player to operate the system and make profits.


Collection and cultivation, simulation management

Core Mechanism:

PVE, PVP athletics, guessing

DIY Modification System

Three DIY modification systems are provided in CRYPTOFAST.


A number of basic paint colors, and 100% of the ECT ( the main tokens in CRYPTOFAST, as described in “Token Issued”) that bought paint colors will flow into the players award pool.


Multiple stickers are opened for car racing decoration. The stickers are displayed on the upper level of painting, and 100% of the ECT spent on stickers will flow into the players award pool.

Component Modification

Multiple parts for car modification, including wheels, tails and large surrounding part, which can change the appearance of the car and obtain properties. The 100% ECT spent on purchasing parts will flow into the players award pool.


Easy Cheers Token and is the in-game currency.