Chibi Fighters

Chibi Fighters is a PVP RPG game with fierce little warriors that know no mercy.

They are collectible and tradeable ERC721 token that can be traded on all established exchanges like opensea and rare bits.

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Collect gems while playing Chibis and later on swap them for a share in the ether pool. Sell loot, trade weapons, create new Chibis during fusion to sell or expand your army.
Chibi Fighters are fully animated. They can be equipped with legendary gear and fight monsters. Fight other players in exciting live matches. Team up with friends and enjoy our realtime multiplayer games and rank in ethershards.

Ingame ether market

Sell your loot for ether. Chibi Fighters have a fully integrated ether market.

There are over 42 different weapons in game and various gear sets like cloth and metal armor and of course consumables like potions.

Levelling, gear, boss fights, leaderboards, adventures, the sky is the limit .. psss it can be played on most workplace computers!