Age of Chains

A galactic adventure in a decentralized future awaits you.

Age of Chains has been evoked in November 2016, starting with the release of Woodcoin’s Guardian as the first card. Through the implementation of blockchain technology, we aim to bring ownership of ingame inventory back to the players. We are creating a whole universe that enables us to continuously add fungibility to the players’ ingame inventory. Our first game is a trading card game wherein players can use our cards to build powerful decks to challenge other players.

We are working hard to get the digital prototype of the game in the hands of our community for a much steeper learning curve based on your feedback to make Age of Chains a legendary experience worthy the emerging innovations of our present time.

Some of our core values, features and anticipated goals include:

  • Blockchain Cards
  • High Quality Art
  • Card Tradability
  • Card Scarcity
  • Card Utility
  • Multiplayer (PvP 1on1)
  • Evolving Crypto Lore
  • 300+ Cards by Release
  • An intergalactic Encounter
  • Feedback Driven
  • Space Opera
  • Intergalactic Cultures
  • The Future Universe
  • Decentralizing our Galaxy