Pocket Arena (POC)

Pocket Arena (POC) is Casual eSports Network based on the Stellar Network that gives real rewards to players and can be used by everyone. It is a virtual in-game item exchanges network, primarily for HTML5 games.


Casual eSports for everyone

Casual eSports is open to everyone. Our goal is to provide easy, amateur eSports service for those who are young and old. You do not need to install games for eSports. Just run it right from your browser or mobile messenger. Check out the championships held so far.

POC, crypto game token

At the end of every eSports event, the users are rewarded with POCs, a Crypto Token. The game itself is similar to mining. HTML5 game developers in Pocket Arena are also rewarded for certain activities of the user.

What is POC?

POC is an acronym of crypto Pocket Arena token, made and circulated for the use of Pocket Arena Platform and Pocket Arena dApps. It is a utility token running on the Stellar Network. Only 1 billion POC shall be created. 20% of total shall be offered for general sales and 10% shall be offered for exclusive sales to Crypto Playable advertisers.

Virtual in-game item exchanges

You are the owner of game items that you have spent a lot of time earning. Therefore, it can be sold to other users. All information about the game item is recorded securely in the blockchain and there is no fear or theft.

Why casual eSports and HTML5 games?

There is no need to install games on your mobile phone, tablet, or PC. The HTML5 games can be played in any web browser!

Anyone can play!

You don’t have to spend all your time playing difficult MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing games). You can choose just to play a few minutes a day and enjoy eSports as an amateur. You won’t even need to save your game or install it on your phone or computer. And, you will receive POC rewards for playing casual eSports!

Pocket Arena has been operating under the business model of creating Branded Mini-Games (BMG) for the last eight years. Branded Mini-Games are referred to as Playable Ads by Google, Facebook, and numerous other ad-tech companies.

BMG is and will continue to be the business model of Pocket Arena.


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