First ever in-game Giveaway!

Play Containment Corps and win up to 50 FIO Express tokens

Up to one loot item gets rewarded per game, at least 1 kill, having more kills increases your chances. We will be giving 50 FIO tokens away. This is our first test-run of giveaways, so we’re starting small.

How to Earn Items:

  1. Download and Install Containment Corps on Steam
  2. Create an account or login with existing

(Users will get an email from Enjin Trusted Cloud with their passwords once an account has been created) (right now you cannot change your password — this will be addressed in an update soon)

3. Users will have to link accounts to their Mobile Enjin wallet if it is their first time logging into Containment Corps. A QR code will appear on screen in-game. Scanning with the wallet app will link the wallet with the account. Once linked, a player’s wallet will be saved and they will not have to log in every time.

4. Start a game! Once a wallet is linked they can use integrated items in their Enjin wallets. Create a new game from the server browser.

5. Play: Users with the best stats in game will have a chance to win a FIO Express token (while supplies last). Players will see a notification on their end-game screen if they’ve won an item.

(You can also follow along as items are rewarded in real time in our Discord channel, where we’ll be tracking item send-outs in real time)

New playable Multiverse items!

FIO Express, Cats in Mechs Howling Howlitzer, Enjincraft Wooden Shield/Sword

Players will be able to use these four Enjin mutliverse items in-game

The Enjincraft item and the FIO express items provide passive stat bonuses that you can check out in-game. The Howling Howlitzer provides a special new item — the Deployable Howling turret, a lizard-mech cannon!

If you have these items in your Enjin wallet, with a linked account these items/abilities will be accessible to use and slot into a loadout.

Items from wallet will show up here at the edit loadout station

Other Updates

Update 0.2.0 also included a revamped tutorial, for new players who want to get the basics of how to use mechanics, and learn more about the overall game-flow.

There are also multiple new UI assets and there have been several quality of life UX changes.

Stay tuned for more big news in the near future!


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