It’s that time of year again when the games industry gathers in San Francisco to network and talk about the latest trends and developments around gaming. But this year we will be there, alongside Enjin, showcasing the power of blockchain technology.


The Road to Now

After 29 years in the industry, it’s not my first time at the GDC. In fact, I can’t even count how many times I’ve been there and various other similar events around the globe throughout the years.

My first event was the CES in Las Vegas in January 1990. I was working for a German publisher and had just started my first industry position as a Product Manager for “computer games”… Just around the end of the Amiga/Atari ST days and the beginning of PC gaming…

That’s me at my first job in 1990.

No matter how long I’ve been doing this, I’ve learned, game events always get me excited!

As a hardcore gamer, I consider myself blessed to have been able to turn my passion into a career. Looking back, there’s not a single job I had that I did not love.

Starting my own game development studio has turned out to be the absolute highlight of my career! Working on 9Lives Arena (9LA), joining Enjin as one of their first adopters and interacting with the most passionate community in gaming (that I have personally ever come across) is an absolute dream come true!

Visit us at the Enjin booth S563 on March 20-21, 2019

Last year’s GDC was the year we first met with the Enjin team.

We had done our own due diligence and researched all available blockchain gaming technologies. Enjin was the one that clearly stood out for us. Meeting the team sealed the deal as everyone at Enjin is just as passionate, experienced and motivated as we are. We had no doubt that this would become the beginning of a long-successful friendship!

This year we are presenting 9Lives Arena side by side with the Enjin team at Booth S563 and we could not be more excited for this event.

GDC Giveaway

To celebrate our participation at GDC, we are doing a GDC giveaway with some cool items.

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We have 999 special 9Lives Arena assets to give away.

Ready to Play

2019 is the perfect year for 9LA to showcase what we have been working on. An innovative, competitive online PvP, RPG in a fantasy setting that includes many stand-out features such as:

  • Permadeath
  • The world’s first 24/7 cross platform companion (Ooogy) that works for you online and offline
  • Blockchain technology integration with ENJIN
  • Item blueprints that allow players to craft their own blockchain assets
  • Itemized bragging rights in the form of blockchain based player trophies


If you’re a competitive gamer like I am, this game is right up your alley!

Once you have trained and leveled up in the training arena, you get to enter the real arena where you literally fight for your life!

You get a total of 9 lives and once you die on your last life, your character becomes a statue in your arena, where the world to see how many victories you achieved with your top three heroes.

The game features global leader boards and will play out in seasons which will include regional tournaments all over the globe.

Ooogy — World’s 1st 24/7 Cross Platform Companion

Hate grinding? No problem! We have created your new best friend!

Ooogy is an ugly, cute companion that you command to work for you online while playing the game and offline while doing other things in life.

Reach out to him in real time using the companion App on Android and iOS .

Meet Ooogy, your new best friend.

Blockchain Technology — Enjin

Enjin is a true game changer when it comes to revolutionizing in-game items and currencies.

Enjin enables us to give players true item ownership and secure trading which provides players with the opportunity to own very special collectibles.

Thanks to Enjin’s SDK’s (Software Development Kits) for Unity and Unreal it is really easy to integrate blockchain technology into any game.

Enjin is much more than just a provider of technology though. Enjin is the gateway to the new world of in-game economics.

Come visit us at the GDC Enjin booth S563 on March 20 & 21 to try out a demo version of the game.



Blueprints are crafting recipes that allow players to craft unlimited amounts of items based on that blueprint.

We are offering very unique and limited blueprints of armor pieces and weapons. Some blueprints will only belong to 49 people in the world and will NEVER be sold again (by us)!

This is as rare as it gets! Use blueprints to craft items for your heroes, give them to friends or sell them to other players. All our blueprints are on the blockchain so you can also sell the actual blueprint to someone else in the future.

Visit our store (link below) to have a look at really rare and unique pre-sale offerings.

9Lives Arena Store

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