No one is ever lonely in Cutieland. Love is everywhere, and breeding is at the core of all success in this game.

We are happy to welcome you to the Blockchain Cuties’ Valentine’s day event.

Valentine’s day event will continue until the end of February.

In this post, we will tell you about all the romance-themed things you can take part in this February.

Valentine’s special PVE adventure is the Land of Upendo.

You can find Land of Upendo in the game’s adventure list. It’s available for all Cuties.

It is a romantic but dangerous place where your Cuties can go to get some Valentine’s day chocolate.

Mmmm delicious!

Land of Upendo is inhabited by two types of enemies. There’s a probability for your Cuties to meet them depending on their power and experience level.

Venturing into the Land of Upendo requires a special kind of love energy. Every Cutieneer gets 40 points for free. Sending a Cutie to this adventure costs one energy point. Energy points regenerate over time.

It takes 30 minutes for an energy point to restore.

The chocolate your Cuties will bring from the Land of Upendo can be sold or used for crafting.

You can access the event’s crafting in the game’s Forge section.

Regular crafting

This event’s craftable items are the wings of butterfly, angel and little devil.

These items will be available to all players.

Items from regular crafting are personal and cannot be sold on the game’s market.

Premium crafting

Premium crafting is available only for the season pass holders.

Items from premium crafting are non-personal and can be sold on the game’s market.

In addition, this Valentine’s day there are two types of lootboxes you can craft.

Regular lootboxes

Regular lootboxes are available for all players and require chocolate to craft.

Items won from the regular lootbox are personal and cannot be sold on the market.

Premium lootboxes

Premium lootboxes are available only for the season pass holders.

To craft a premium lootbox, you will need some chocolate.

Premium lootboxes contain non-personal, fully tradable items.

Both personal and premium lootboxes contain:

  • Spa Accessories — 39.28%
  • Delicious Chocolate — 26.91%
  • Magical Butterflies of Earth — 14.49%
  • Shades of Love — 4.89%
  • Magical Butterflies of Fire — 4.4%
  • Green Spa Robe — 2.04%
  • Blue Spa Robe — 1.98%
  • Pink Spa Robe — 1.84%
  • Helium Baloon — 1.21%
  • Pink Spa Head Towel — 0.88%
  • Green Spa Head Towel — 0.83%
  • Blue Spa Head Towel — 0.76%
  • Fluffy Handcuffs — 0.19%
  • The Red Rose — 0.21%
  • Fancy Red Dress — 0.06%
  • Fancy Tuxedo — 0.06%

Please welcome a very special couple of Cuties that will only be available during this event!


The goddess of war, justice, and political power, beloved by the Babylonians and Akkadians. The Queen of Heaven, unlike other deities, is an evermoving and ever conquering god. She moves from one conquest to another, constantly striving for more power.

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The son of the Sea God and the twin brother of Freyja the Goddess of love, beauty, war, and death. Freyr is a god closely associated with battle, virility, and prosperity that brings good weather and a good harvest. He loves to ride his boar on a nice evening and enjoys a nice boat ride with his beloved wife Gerth.

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If you fell in love with one or both of these special uniques, make sure you don’t miss out. You can get them only in February. Check out the prices here:

We hope you will have the best time ever, Cutieneers!