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Blockchain Cuties
Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Cutieland!
[ad_1] No one is ever lonely in Cutieland. Love is everywhere, and breeding is at the core of all success in this game. We are happy to welcome you to the Blockchain Cuties’ Valentine’s day event. Valentine’s day event will continue until the end of February. In this post, we
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[ad_1] Raid boss is available only for players who bought the premium season pass. All Cuties from LVL 1 to 10 can join the fight. Each Cutie gets one fight with the boss per raid cycle. Same as other raid bosses, season II raid boss requires you to have some
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Blockchain Cuties Universe 2019 Recap
[ad_1] As we’re approaching the new year and the new decade, it is a great time to reflect on the past year. 2019 was a breathtaking journey, and we are so grateful to have shared it with you guys. 2019 was turbulent, and we had our share of ups and
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Blockchain Cuties Universe game is one of the first TRON DApps released on Samsung Blockchain Wallet – Crypto & Games
[ad_1] – Advertisement – TRON blockchain boosts global recognition of DApps in 2020 The 19th of December 2019 made history with the advent of TRON DApps in Samsung Blockchain Wallet. A DApp provides users with a decentralized experience that doesn’t depend on one primary or centralized authority to store and
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How to Level Up in Winter Event?
[ad_1] The leveling track will be available for both free and premium paths of the winter event. The free track will contain useful rewards like potions, paw coins, regular lootboxes, and other prizes, while the premium track will open access to all the exclusive season rewards. But how easy will
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Winter Event Is Coming!
[ad_1] 2019 has been a year of great achievement for us and the Cutieneer community. So we are planning to end this year with a glorious Christmas event. This year’s winter event will include Season Pass II We are preparing something you have never seen before. The winter event will
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The Forge Gets Updated: How Blockchain Cuties is Evolving – Crypto & Games
[ad_1] If i had to describe Blockchain Cuties with one word, i would use “Evolution.” Constant development and drastic gameplay changes are two factors we are used to in the Blockchain Cuties Universe. The recent Forge update gave a whole different meaning to the marketplace by allowing players to recycle
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The Forge Is Here! Recycle Your Items, Enchant You Items, Profit From Your Every Item
[ad_1] The biggest gameplay and economy update of the season is here! Welcome to the forge! The forge is here to give you a whole new layer of Cutieland’s economy. Including several new commodities and a variety of ways to profit from your in-game items. We made the forge with
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Are You Crushing the Halloween Challenges?
[ad_1] Only a few days are left until the end of stage one of our Halloween event. You have till 31 of October to contribute to the Halloween challenges. After the clock straights midnight on the night of Halloween, all the rewards you could not unlock will be gone forever.
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Mean Pig Coming Your Way
[ad_1] Each Thursday on our Pawecast you can vote for a tribute Cutie to join the game. For example, the latest Cutieneer choice is already here: Last week Cutieneer community has chosen a very mean pig to join the game. You can describe him as a large, rather fierce-looking Berkshire
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