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Winter Event Is Coming!
2019 has been a year of great achievement for us and the Cutieneer community. So we are planning to end this year with a glorious Christmas event. This year’s winter event will include Season Pass II We are preparing something you have never seen before. The winter event will be
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The Forge Gets Updated: How Blockchain Cuties is Evolving – Crypto & Games
If i had to describe Blockchain Cuties with one word, i would use “Evolution.” Constant development and drastic gameplay changes are two factors we are used to in the Blockchain Cuties Universe. The recent Forge update gave a whole different meaning to the marketplace by allowing players to recycle “worthless”
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The Forge Is Here! Recycle Your Items, Enchant You Items, Profit From Your Every Item
The biggest gameplay and economy update of the season is here! Welcome to the forge! The forge is here to give you a whole new layer of Cutieland’s economy. Including several new commodities and a variety of ways to profit from your in-game items. We made the forge with both
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Are You Crushing the Halloween Challenges?
Only a few days are left until the end of stage one of our Halloween event. You have till 31 of October to contribute to the Halloween challenges. After the clock straights midnight on the night of Halloween, all the rewards you could not unlock will be gone forever. On
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Mean Pig Coming Your Way
Each Thursday on our Pawecast you can vote for a tribute Cutie to join the game. For example, the latest Cutieneer choice is already here: Last week Cutieneer community has chosen a very mean pig to join the game. You can describe him as a large, rather fierce-looking Berkshire boar.
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Blockchain Cuties Neo Presale is Now Live – Crypto & Games
Blockchain Cuties team is taking huge steps to develop a highly competitive game with a unique and engaging blockchain gaming experience. The game is currently available in three different blockchain networks ( ETH, TRON, and EOS) with NEO to follow, it has its own Coin (Cute Coin) which is fully
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Land Presale is Live – Blockchain Cuties is Expanding – Crypto & Games
A series of developments are on schedule for the popular collectible game, Blockchain Cuties which is adding a lot of different features in the game. The Land sale is now available and players can purchase between different types of land, whether it is a small island or a major capital
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Blockchain Cuties: Special Giveaway & Land Presale Coming Soon – Crypto & Games
The Blockchain Cuties team doesn’t know how to stop! So many great news coming from their camp and in this article, you will find out 2 unique chances to skyrocket your in-game experience! First things first, there is a giveaway undergoing in collaboration with HitBTC where you can claim one
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Blockchain Cuties to Launch on NEO Blockchain – Crypto & Games
Blockchain Cuties team announced today the start of the developing of their game on the NEO Blockchain. The launch is coming this summer while the first Cuties have been already born on the NEO test network. By making this move Blockchain Cuties leaves its mark on the blockchain gaming history
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Blockchain Cuties Cute Coin to be Listed on HitBTC Exchange – Crypto & Games
The popular blockchain game Blockchain Cuties announced today the upcoming cooperation with HitBTC Exchange in order to list CUTE Coin to the HitBTC platform. Join our Telegram Group for the latest Blockchain Gaming News Listing CUTE Coin to such a big exchange is a huge step for the future of
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