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My Crypto Saga Battle Beta Test is Coming Soon – Blockchain Games Portal
[ad_1] A new game from the MCH+ ecosystem called My Crypto Saga will host a battle beta test on June 10th (Wed) ~ 14th (Sun). Also, the Trial Cup PVP tournament will take place on the last day of the Battle Beta test (June 14th). My Crypto Saga (MCS) is
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How Good Are Your MCH Skills? Write a Guide & Win Incredible Items! – Crypto & Games
[ad_1] A new campaign for all the existing players is launched by MyCryptoHeroes to create an environment ideal for newbies. Shortly after the Tezuka Collaboration MCH aims to properly guide the English players to the fascinating deep gameplay through the community. MyCryptoHeroes (MCH) is indeed a complicated game, it needs
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Tezuka & MyCryptoHeroes Collaboration – Crypto & Games
[ad_1] The Tezuka collaboration starts on December 10th. Welcome to the world of MCH, where your time, investments, and passion will become your assets. From December 10th, the famous Tezuka characters “Astro Boy”, ”Buddha”, and ”Sarutahiko” will join our Hero sale. Don’t miss out on them! Also in December, you’ll
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MCH S – The Evolution of MyCryptoHeroes & New Roadmap – Crypto & Games
[ad_1] – Advertisement – Great news for all the MCH players as the game presented a lot of additions and an extended roadmap in the TokyoBlockchainGame conference two days ago. MyCryptoHeroes is a fast-evolving game, 70,000 total players until today and with the MCH+ initiative, thing s are starting to take
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MyCryptoHeroes x Tournament For Novice Players – Crypto & Games
[ad_1] – Advertisement – We are excited to invite you to our first tournament with the Number 1 Blockchain Game, MyCryptoHeroes. The tournament is designed for Novice players so everyone has the chance to win! When? 2 Semi-Finals Arenas: Tomorrow 17 of August at 12 PM UTC Final: Sunday 20
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MCH+: A Multiverse Initiation by Double Jump Tokyo – Crypto & Games
[ad_1] Double jump Tokyo, the maker of MyCryptoHeroes(MCH), has released a new initiative MCH+ to allow NFTs to be usable in multiple games using the converter smart contract. Double jump Tokyo is looking to expand their ecosystem and encourage asset usage between games. MCH has been sitting comfortably at the
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MyCryptoHeroes Partner up With Exodus by HTC – Crypto & Games
[ad_1] The blockchain smartphone, Exodus by HTC is one of the first blockchain smartphones and the first version of it proved to be extremely powerful! Now, its time for MyCryptoHeroes assets to become accessible through the digital wallet Zion. The leading Ethereum dapp game, My Crypto Heroes teamed up with
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MyCryptoHeroes First Meetup in Singapore – Crypto & Games
[ad_1] MyCryptoHero(MCH) had 3 days ago their first meetup outside of Japan with Kokushi, Biz Dev for MCH, giving an excellent presentation on their game. It was a humble meetup and lots of people were introduced to the most successful and biggest dapp in Japan as well as the most
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5 Crypto Collectible Games to Play – Crypto & Games
[ad_1] Items in crypto collectible games are non-fungible tokens. With the term non-fungible, we mean that each one has its own unique characteristics and you can’t find any identical. Running on the Blockchain, players benefit from true item ownership and authenticity can now be easily traced. Along with the interest
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New Hero sale from My Crypto Heroes – Crypto & Games
[ad_1] Epic Rare and uncommon heroes are available at the My Crypto Heroes sale. The sale will last for two weeks. Starting from [UTC] February 26th 7:00 until March 12th 6:00. At the first week only prime users will be able to buy, so users that are not subscribed to
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