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Gods Unchained
Gods Unchained Open Beta is Now Live – Crypto & Games
[ad_1] The highly anticipated TCG Ethereum based Blockchain game has finally allowed to everyone on the beta waiting list to join the early beta version of the game! Gods Unchained added 1200 users last week and after proceeding with bug fixes, the gates of blockchain gaming are now open! the
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Top 15 Most Anticipated Crypto Games of 2019 – Crypto & Games
[ad_1] With so many trailers, presales, teasers, and giveaways, many of us have acquired equipment, multiverse founder tokens(MFT), characters and so much more that have yet to be even used in-game. Many of us are itching to try out that legendary weapon or that rare and limited edition character or
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Community Update: Gods Unchained 0.9 Release
[ad_1] This post marks the beginning of a long-requested update segment in which we detail progress made throughout the fortnight. Everyone, from designer to developer, is doing incredible work on the beta, and we want to share it with you. Our game team has been previously running on 4-week development
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The Evolution of Gods Unchained Art
[ad_1] It’s no secret that the art department here at Gods Unchained spends an enormous amount of time and energy producing top-quality art for the game. In this segment, Art Director, Christiaan Gerritsen, gives you an inside glance at the visual process our artists use to bring your cards to
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Why Cross-Application Interoperability is The Future of Gaming.
[ad_1] Another great question. Look at you go. You’re on fire. Interoperability doesn’t exist on traditional apps as items are housed on company servers: siloed databases which confine assets to their native ecosystem. When you purchase a skin on Fortnite, the properties of that item along the records of your
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AMA popular questions, our answers, and beta access details!
[ad_1] Last week we asked our email list to send us any burning questions they had. We’ve responded to everyone, so now we wanted to share answers to the questions we saw more than once. A couple, such as “How does forging work?” and “How will you deal with overpowered
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Gods Unchained Gameplay, Battle Royal & Giveaway – Crypto & Games
[ad_1] The upcoming blockchain TCG game “Gods Unchained” released today more information about the game and a gameplay video. Did you know? Gods Unchained sold over 1,5 Million cards as of today! The coinbase backed game which has attracted a lot of players,aims to conquer the Blockchain gaming market by bringing
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Enjin Wallet: Designed For Gamers With NSA Grade Security – Crypto & Games
[ad_1] Then Enjin wallet will soon be the first completed gaming cryptocurrency wallet with ERC-1155 and ERC-721 Tokens support in addition to the already 700+ supported cryptocurrencies. Read The New Enjin Smart Wallet Updates. The update which will be released to the public soon will allow users to view the
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6+1 Collectible Blockchain Games To Play – Crypto & Games
[ad_1] Collectible Blockchain Games It’s not a secret that after CryptoKities, a new wave of collectible blockchain games began to rise, each one with tons of extra features, special mechanics, and loyal players base. Some will say collectibles are not games and they all have a point here. It is
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Gods Unchained: Blockchain Esports & Free Cards – Crypto & Games
[ad_1] Gods Unchained aims to be the first e-sports game on the blockchain. Similar to Hearthstone or Yu-Gi-Oh, mostly known to the 90’s gamers, this card battle game seems like the best opportunity right now to get involved into blockchain card gaming. Unity 3D is the gaming engine behind this
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