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Gods Unchained
Introducing Immutable X
[ad_1] We’re building a non-custodial exchange in partnership with StarkWare capable of handling 200m+ NFT transactions per day. Since the beta launched in 2018, Gods Unchained has grown significantly in size and quality. With the launch of the game’s first official season just around the corner, we’re looking to continue
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Money Making Games to Play While in Quarantine – Crypto & Games
[ad_1] – Advertisement – So you’re stuck at home with your parents, and there is no way to go out? Don’t worry, Covid-19 will last a few months, so why not checking out ten money making games to play while in quarantine? Lockdown is the perfect opportunity to experience the
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Gods Unchained Marketplace is Now Live
[ad_1] Gods Unchained Marketplace is available for everyone after the tokenization of more than 6 million NFT’s. It’s worth to mention that these are more NFTs than any other game in the history of Ethereum and by doing it in batches, there was no congestion, as it happened with CryptoKitties
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[ad_1] With the launch of our marketplace this week, we’re taking our first steps towards a true play-to-earn economy. To make this a reality we are: resetting core card collections, resetting everyone’s level and temporarily turning off the forge for Core cards. We know it’s tough to see all those
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It’s over.
[ad_1] The Genesis Sale has ended. It sold out. 33,333 ETH later, we can’t be more thankful for everyone’s belief and support in the game. Genesis cards will never be produced again. They’ll only become scarcer. They are now immutable (haha, get it?). Now, activation. We will soon be initiating
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Today we’re introducing Evolution, a pillar in our economic design which will act as a “sink” to…
[ad_1] Today we’re introducing Evolution, a pillar in our economic design which will act as a “sink” to remove cards from circulation. This works by allowing players to effectively generate new, desireable assets in exchange for “destroying” their older ones. It’s also the backbone of our upcoming play-to-earn system. The
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GU — Update 0.19
[ad_1] This is a pretty huge update for performance and optimization. There will be very clear improvements for all players, but especially those running on lower-end devices. We’ve made a bunch of changes that you can see below, and all of these things come at a potential cost to stability.
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Immutable Raises $15 million for Gods Unchained
[ad_1] We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve received $15M USD, in a financing round led by Naspers and Galaxy Digital. The round was followed on by Apex Capital and others. That’s a whole lotta dough. Before we dig into all the questions, we need to talk about our baby, Gods
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Gods Unchained Raised $15M & Continue Non-Stop Development – Crypto & Games
[ad_1] One thing we can say for sure is that developers of Gods Unchained won’t drop the game due to lack of funds. In a recent financing round led by Naspers, the largest shareholder of Tencenet and Galaxy Digital, the game raised $15M USD! The famous Ethereum TCG game has
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Fuel Games is now Immutable
[ad_1] Before we get into the why, here are three things you need to know… The Apollo Client will soon be the Immutable Client (and similarly the Apollo platform will now be the Immutable platform). Fuel Games emails will now come from Immutable and will soon be retired
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