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Enjin Wallet: The Experience Update
[ad_1] We launched the Enjin Wallet more than two years ago, back in early 2018. In its infancy, the app was Android-only, with basic features. At that time, our primary goal was to make the app as secure as technically possible on a mobile device—an effort that peaked when the
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The Portal Has Opened: Forest Knight Easter Event
[ad_1] A mysterious portal has opened in Chronville, revealing new levels, game field elements, and a live event. Times right now are strange. In the current global situation, physical health is of utmost importance, but we believe it’s equally important to prioritize mental wellness—and that gaming can provide an excellent outlet for
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AlterVerse Releases Extensive Game Server Customization Upgrade
[ad_1] Both the interiors and exteriors of AlterVerse Disrupter ships can now be uniquely colorized. Watch the video HERE. Disruption, the first game in a series from AlterVerse, Inc. is playable now for alpha testers and will soon be released in Early Access on Steam. It is a PC game set
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April Development Update
[ad_1] Well hasn’t the world just changed in a month! Luckily, working from home has meant a lot has been done and we are closer than ever to the upcoming alpha despite COVID-19, earthquakes and more. Easter Wearables Easter is here and while it might not feel much like a celebration
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Join the Elemental Egg Hunt
[ad_1] Locate Elemental Eggs on your adventures in Forgotten Artifacts and exchange them for limited-edition rabbit outfits! Us game developers love a good Easter egg, so in the spirit of the upcoming holiday, we’re hosting our own hunt in Forgotten Artifacts! Join the Elemental Egg Hunt for your chance to claim
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Be Your Own Bank: The Complete Guide to Hardware Wallets
[ad_1] Table of Contents Introduction: Security Should be Foolproof Glossary: Blockchain Wallet Terminology What is a hardware wallet? Why do hardware wallets exist? History: From Paper to Hardware Tech: Not One-Size-Fits-All Choosing a Hardware Wallet The Pros & Cons of Hardware Wallets Conclusion: Better Very Safe Than Very Sorry Security
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Bitcoin Hodler — Spring Bundle Sale #TheNextCycle
[ad_1] Bitcoin Hodler — Spring Bundle Sale #TheNextCycle Get unique Bundles of powerful, rare and rewarding Bitcoin Hodler game assets! Bitcoin Hodler is here to stay! We want to thank you all for your ongoing support and for hodling with us along the Bitcoin Hodler journey! After the splendid launch of the public beta
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March Development Update
[ad_1] March has been a busy month for the team with plenty of work going on behind the scenes. So this will be a short development update but it doesn’t mean there wasn’t a lot accomplished! Development Progress Saving and Inventory System We are now getting to the stage of
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Welcome to the “Drop Hunt”!
[ad_1] Welcome to the “Drop Hunt”! Play Bitcoin Hodler, catch the Golden Piggiebanks and claim Enj-backed game assets! The Bitcoin Hodler Drop Hunt — Official Launch We are pleased to invite our honored Hunter’s Badge hodlers to finally join the early access phase of the Drop Hunt as of now! Enj-backed ERC1155 game assets
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Introducing the Enjin Multiverse Program
[ad_1] Imagine earning an epic sword in a high fantasy MMORPG and carrying it in a gaming inventory app on your smartphone, where it’s accessible at any time. Visualize hopping into a sci-fi action game created by another studio, where your rusty blade is now rendered as a cyborg-slicing plasma
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