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War of Crypta
When Beta?
[ad_1] Over the past couple of months, the team has been hard at work to prepare War of Crypta for release! Many of you reading this may be asking yourselves “When beta?” Unfortunately, this post will not set a pinpoint date for Beta, but this post will update you all on the
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War of Crypta Collaboration with a Minecraft Server
[ad_1] War of Crypta Collaboration with a Minecraft Server Two worlds collided this weekend! 💥 Over Memorial Day weekend, popular Minecraft server, PokéFind, rolled out an update releasing a brand new quest! This was not just some ordinary quest. This quest introduced PokéFind’s large community to War of Crypta! In this quest,
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Music Track Preview — Peaceful Times
[ad_1] Music Track Preview — Peaceful Times Hello all! It has been about a month since our early-access sale has ended. Since then, the team has been doing a fantastic job on helping get Beta ready for all of you to play on your mobile devices. I’d like to give you all a small
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A New Chapter
[ad_1] What an adventure that was! Our Early Access sale has officially ended after a 60 day long campaign. These past 60 days have been wonderful and will be marked down as an important chapter in the War of Crypto’s legacy! At the very beginning going into our Early Access sale, our
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Top 10 Rewards
[ad_1] Top 10 Rewards EDIT: Top 10 Competition has now ended. Please visit chart below for Top 10 winners. 4,000+ in 8 days What does that mean exactly? 🤔 Well, 8 days after November 10th (the start of our Early Access sale), already 4,000 early access crystals have been bought. This is something that
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Christmas Update is Here!
[ad_1] The air has turned chilly, people are kindling the fire, and you can hear the fatman laughing already…Goard! 🎅 It appears that 6 of our Early Access heroes have dressed up in full Christmas spirit! Our Christmas update has added 6 Christmas skinned heroes to our Early Access sale:
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Nix — the Coldest of the South
[ad_1] Nix — the Coldest of the South Meet another Early Access sale Hero that is now available on our site — Nix. Read about Nix’s story below to see how he he terrorizes the south! Nix is available in our Early Access sale with its Normal skin and exclusive Early Access skin. This will
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Achieving Goals Together! — Stretch Goals
[ad_1] Achieving Goals Together! — Stretch Goals Since July, you all have helped us achieve unbelievable goals! Let me just list out real quick some of the remarkable things you all helped us achieve: First pre-sale selling out 1,500 crystals in 30–40 minutes One of the world’s first ERC-1155 collectible game asset World’s first playable multiverse
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Anko — an EGGciting Free Hero
[ad_1] Anko — an EGGciting Free Hero POKAAWWK! A new hero has mysteriously flapped its way into some of your accounts and wallets… I wonder who… IT’S ANKO! This chicken is ready to hatch and put up an Egg-citing fight! So, as some of you may have noticed, a new hero showed up in
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