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The Six Dragons
2019: A Blockchain Year in Review for The Six Dragons
[ad_1] What an epic year 2019 has been for Blockchain Gaming and The Six Dragons! Join us in reviewing our best moments so far from the very first days while sharing our resolutions for 2020. With 2020 approaching, it’s time to look back on the journey of the first blockchain-powered Open-World
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Current Status, Efinity, Multiplayer
[ad_1] Following some months of amazing progress, I would like to explain where the game currently stands, including the progress of our roadmap, the challenges we faced along the way, and the bright plans for the game. This is not an article that will beatify the delay of the alpha or
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The Six Dragons: Real-time Blockchain Crafting & Enchanting is here!
[ad_1] Blockchain gaming never looked more exciting. Today we uncover some details on how our real-time blockchain crafting and enchanting mechanisms will work. Integrating decentralized gaming assets in The Six Dragons was not a decision based on the blockchain hype or a short-term monetization opportunity. It was a statement. We create
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Announcing The Six Dragons Alpha Waves!
[ad_1] Can’t wait to start crafting while exploring mysterious villages, menacing dungeons and the bewildering nature across the 64 km²- long land of Nemberus? Do you want access early the first Open World RPG powered by blockchain? Here’s what you need to know… Two months after our chart-topping presale that sold
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Contributors’ Giveaway and Presale update!
[ad_1] Contributors’ Giveaway and Presale update! With the presale close to the end way earlier than scheduled (we are in the 2 weeks mark when the end of the presale was scheduled 1 month after the start of it) we would like to update the community for the steps forward to
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[ad_1] May 13th. Save the date! May 13th 18:00 UTC is the date and time that The Six Dragons Early Adopter sale will go live! We hope you are just as excited as we are. Following the announcement and the first giveaway of our Multiverse Founder’s Token (MFT), this first
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The Six Dragons Pre-Sale Item details
[ad_1] We would like to describe the Items available in the Pre-Sale campaign starting on 13 of May 18:00 UTC, their backing and how they will work with the game. For more info about the presale visit and subscribe to get notified when the presale is active: Dragon's Limited Pre-Sale –
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The Six Dragons Enchanting/Crafting & Loot Pool
[ad_1] +3 Enchanted Gloves of Honor Decentralized blockchain gaming means that as a player you need to contribute to shaping the game but also earn from it. The vision of The Six Dragons is that at one point the community will run all the blockchain market with merchants, workers, service offering,
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Announcing The Six Dragons Founder Tokens
[ad_1] It’s time! The Six Dragons Multiverse Founder’s Token (MFT) and Special Founder’s Token (SFT) will be available soon. The vision of The Six Dragons is to become one of the best PC/Console games which implement the Enjin platform, the leading blockchain gaming platform available today. That is also the
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