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May Development Update
[ad_1] Welcome to May everyone. It has been another busy month for the development team with a lot of progress being made towards a playable version of the game. Development Progress Music and Sound Effects Design As promised, this month we would take a look at the music and sound effects that
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April Development Update
[ad_1] Well hasn’t the world just changed in a month! Luckily, working from home has meant a lot has been done and we are closer than ever to the upcoming alpha despite COVID-19, earthquakes and more. Easter Wearables Easter is here and while it might not feel much like a celebration
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March Development Update
[ad_1] March has been a busy month for the team with plenty of work going on behind the scenes. So this will be a short development update but it doesn’t mean there wasn’t a lot accomplished! Development Progress Saving and Inventory System We are now getting to the stage of
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Nestables — Breeding Mechanics
[ad_1] Nestables — Breeding Mechanics Breeding will be an important part of the Nestables gameplay. Once it is written onto the blockchain, there is no going back! Read on to find out how we plan for breeding to work in Nestables… Getting the breeding mechanics right will be difficult. Numerous other blockchain
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February Development Update
[ad_1] Late December / early January was a bit quieter for the Nestables team but development has ramped up again! This development update covers all of the work done since our last Medium post… Development Progress Research System Researching will allow Cubes to improve their skills in different areas of gameplay,
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December Development Update
[ad_1] Christmas is upon us! November saw another productive month with Nestables and the bringing together of a lot of the work that has been done so far. Christmas Wearables Sale As promised, we are having a small Christmas event! The 2019 Christmas wearables are now on sale. These exclusive wearables
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November Development Update
[ad_1] Welcome to November! The spooky season is officially over and we are now on the countdown to Christmas. November has been another productive month… Wearable Minting and Prize Distribution All of the wearables have officially been minted and distributed to your wallets! This is a major milestone for Nestables
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October Development Update
[ad_1] It has been a busy few months since pre-sale ended! We have all been hard at work on Nestables. Here is the very first development update! Founder’s Tokens and Cube Minting It took us a while, due to high gas fees and other technical issues, but we are very pleased
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The Nestables Pre-sale is Live! So, What’s the Excitement All About?
[ad_1] The Nestables pre-sale has officially started!It has been nearly four months since we first introduced Nestables to the world as part of Enjin’s early adopter program. We have thoroughly enjoyed engaging with you in all of the work that has been done so far, and most importantly, we’re excited
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Nestables Pre-Sale Announcement
[ad_1] Tribal Gaming is very excited to announce our pre-sale starting at 9PM UTC on the 27th of July. Over the past few months we have been working hard to show you our first ingame footage, publish countless Medium articles and get your feedback on Nestables via Telegram and Twitter.
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