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InFocus Games ( Path Finders – Clash of the Aces)
Pathfinders: Release of Open Beta
[ad_1] It’s time. We know a lot of you have been waiting months for this and we are very pleased to finally be able to announce the release of an open beta version of Pathfinders! With Enjin integration. With character progression. With playable NFTs. And yes, with plenty of top-down
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Nhinestreams Gameplay Tutorials
Welcome to a new series of gameplay tutorials accessible via Multiverse101 and created by Nhinestreams. It’s working title is – Nhinestreams Gameplay Tutorials, until we think of something cooler…or not. Nhinestreams is an active streamer and blockchain gaming community member. He’s renowned for his gaming prowess, and in this new
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InFocus Games Reveal Enjin-Powered Games: Pathfinders and Clash of the Aces
[ad_1] We have officially joined Enjin Spark and are excited to share more information about our upcoming titles, Pathfinders and CoA, along with our very own multiverse. We are very happy to announce that InFocus Games has officially been accepted into the Enjin family as a member of their Spark program!
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